SIRENIA – The Seventh Life Path


The most significant stories of the human race have been told from generation to generation over thousands of years to the point where even today, in the twenty-first century we have knowledge of many legendary creatures that, even though they haven’t been seen, are always cool to imagine as dominant species in their own worlds, engaging in majestic battles with their worst enemies where the future of their world is at stake. In mythology, the sirens are some of the most beautiful creatures that the stories ever brought us. Half-human (mostly females) creatures with irreplaceable voices, ruling enormous kingdoms deep inside the mysterious ocean of a certain world; having epic fights against other evil creatures that symbolize the eternal fight between good and evil.

The word siren was just enough reason for me to pick ANOTHER Norwegian symphonic metal band called SIRENIA. The amazing fact that I pressed PLAY on their latest album The Seventh Life Path (out now on Napalm Records) while behind the steering wheel for over an hour almost in the middle of the eye of a hurricane couldn’t have been more pleasant for me. This specific kind of metal is quickly becoming one of my favorites to listen to anywhere, anytime.

The Seventh Life Path is full of magic and emotions. I loved the opera elements that the band perfectly assembles in their songs. The guitar riffs are heavy enough to just close your eyes and let the feelings flow through you, and at some point, there might be some slow parts that sound exactly as the seducing voices that any Siren can use to hypnotize the weak-minded in their journey to find the immortality treasure.

“Seti” offers a melodic introduction to SIRENIA’S magic and “Serpent” continues with the heavy riffs, without leaving behind the high background chorus to give it more magic. “Once My Light” is a slow song where the two string instruments are clearly distinguished during the heavy parts and the melodic parts, walk through this track until “Elixir” starts, which has a very well-composed solo and the deep death metal voice makes it sound even better. “Sons of the North” is a faster song, mainly led by some interesting and dynamic keyboards while “Earendel” can only be described as the kind of song that anybody would listen to while attending a very bizarre circus. “Concealed Disdain” is a song that in particular haven’t stopped listening ever since I had the first taste. “Insania” and “Contemptuous Quitus” are like an introduction to the climax of the album, but this is one in particular that I didn’t want to see anywhere near. “The Silver Eye” is the second to last song, ideal to spend what’s left of your energy with the chorus that I’ve been singing in my mind for days now. Amazing. To close  out this work, “Tragedienne” brings peace and chills out any upcoming disaster that might put your mind somewhere else.

I can honestly tell you that after listening to The Seventh Life Path I wish I could see these most beautiful mythological creatures that I’ve only heard of. Melodies, high female vocals, deep male vocals, darkness and the beautiful singer Ailyn. This album has everything I love, and I’m definitely glad that I just bumped into another band that made me put my reason and logic aside to replace it with feelings. Heck, I would love to see SIRENIA someday touring in the United States and to purchase a ticket to see a band that has the ability to put a smile on my face for as long as I can listen to them.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Serpent”, “Elixir”, “Concealed Disdain”, “Insania”, “The Silver Eye”, “Contemptuous Quitus”

RATING: 8.5/10


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