Entrails – Obliteration


In the metal world, we’ve heard often many absurd comments from people regarding band names and songs. Many Death Metal bands chose to adopt gimmicks that, assuming their lyrics and song titles would happen right in front of us, would be gory and gross to watch… but, since this is metal music, then it’s cool, just like SLAYER’s amps placed as an inverted cross on stage. Think about what a band called ENTRAILS would write about… exactly! Some gore and probably rotten internal organs. That’s exactly why I decided to jump into this pool of disposable dead cells and see what this band is all about.

The band just released their latest studio album Obliteration (out now, Metal Blade Records), a 42-minute piece of art that could actually rot your intestines as soon as you start listening to it. The opening track “No Cross Left Unturned” starts with a little suspense for about a minute, but gives a solid example of the type of Death Metal that characterizes ENTRAILS. “Epitome of Death” is a little more melodic, ideal to give the neck a few turns to work it out. “Beyond the Flesh” is a faster song with hard drums and heavy stomps as well. “The Grotesque” is a slower track but plays with a little more creativity on the riffs, speeding up the tempo of the headbang that you should’ve started since track number one.

“Obliterate”, related to the album title itself also includes a few melodies with prolonged notes and one of my favorite riffs on the entire album. “Skulls” utilizes a more simple riff, along with slow drums until the vocalist takes over your soul. “Midnight Coffin” is one of the first releases to promote Obliteration and makes me imagine the initiation of a ritual of sacrifice. “Bonestorm” sounds more like a typical death metal song that gives you no option but to keep moving with the sustained rhythm for over four minutes. “Abyss of Corpses” starts with faster drums and a different taste of riffs, it simulates suffering through the end of the song, and it continues until “Re-Animation of the Dead” makes you want to repeat the entire record.

I had never heard of ENTRAILS before, but I can say that I was satisfied with another dose of pure Death Metal. It has been over a decade since the band’s debut and it seems that they’re building a solid career sustaining the same type of music, which is always good to have for any kind of day. Props to band members Jimmy Lundqvist, Joakim Svensson, Pontus Samuelsson and Adde Mitroulis for their hard work, not only on Obliteration, but throughout their long career, which has overcome its own obstacles to keep doing what they love most.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “No Cross Left Unturned”, “Epitome of Death”, “Obliterate”, “Skulls”, “Midnight Coffin”

RATING: 8/10


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