Trixter – Human Era


So you say you wanna have some fun, huh? Well then have I got a record for you. I honestly can’t believe that at age 42 I’d be raving about a TRIXTER album, but that’s exactly what’s about to happen. I was a fan of their debut in 1990 and was blown away by their mastery of the stage on that tour opening for Don Dokken, but I honestly lost touch with their stuff after that. Well I am here to say that I am back in the fold and Human Era is a rockin’ album that is just fun, fun, fun from start to finish! Peter Loran (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Steve Brown (lead guitar), P.J. Farley (bass), and Mark “Gus” Scott (drums) have constructed what is sure to be one of the best summer albums we’ll get this year, and one that begs for repeat listens.

“Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night” gets the party started with an anthemic chorus that will surely have beer bottles and shot glasses raised high (especially mine), and “Crash That Party” just revs shit up harder and faster as if to say, “Buckle up, BITCHES!! Here we go!” “Not Like All the Rest” is one of those songs that will have you swearing it’s 1990 again, and if you’re anything like me that will only bring a huge smile to your face. The hook and harmonized guitars are infectious, believe me. Then “For You” comes on as if to say, “Oh you don’t think we can kick your fucking ass? Well try THIS on!” The whole band lights it up from start to finish and this surely needs to be a live staple from here on out.

As much as I hate to compare a band to another successful group “Every Second Counts” sounds like something from the mid-2000’s BON JOVI catalog. Consequently it’s one of my favorites on the album. The chorus is sweeping and majestic, and in my dream world seeing Peter Loran and Jon Bon Jovi dueting on this one someday would make my head explode. I wasn’t really into “Beats Me Up” at first, but now several listens in I find myself looking forward to it and when it comes on I am transported back to a time when bands really put their all into songwriting. I also didn’t know what the hell to make of “Good Times Now” right away but quickly realized this was a song I can do shots to, so WINNING!!

“Midnight In Your Eyes” is definitely one of my other favorites on the record. The chorus just stays with you and it makes you feel like everything’s gonna be OK, no matter what bullshit you have going on in your life. I defy anyone to not be smiling when this one ends…not gonna happen. “All Night Long” is a fast-paced number that should have heads banging for sure, and “Soul of a Lovin’ Man” has a seductive groove that’s sure to suck just about anyone in. On a record full of great songs the greatest has to be the title track “Human Era.” I have to hit REPEAT a minimum of three times before I can move on. Plus, it’s very telling of the times we live in. At the end of the day TRIXTER have put out an amazing album with Human Era, and this is one I listen to every day at work on the loading dock, sometimes twice. The record is out now via Frontiers Music, so what are you waiting for?


RATING: 10/10

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