Dying Humanity – Deadened


One of the reasons I love Death Metal is that there’s always a plethora of bands to find. One may peruse the interwebs for hours searching for new sounds; I get the lucky job of being handed listings of groups all the time. My most recent findings brought me to German Death Metal outfit DYING HUMANITY. Their latest offering, Deadened, is out June 16 through Bastardized Recordings. And if you’re not sold on this record being worthwhile by the three items in bold/italics, then you must be someone who can’t take a hint.

From the first moments of the disc, it is clear that this group harbors immense talent for instrumentation. Title track “Deadened” starts things off with a swelling melodic intro, leading to a riff-fest that combines elements of old-school Death Metal and Bay Area Thrash. The lads even find room to throw in an audio clip from The Devil’s Advocate┬áin the bridge of the song. The momentum continues with “Delusion”; however, new elements are added in the form of a very mature sounding clean vocal line. Track three, “Beyond Redemption”, displays some of the best guitar playing on the disc, fluidly moving between thrashing palm-mutes and melodics passages. However, the real sell on this song is the guitar lead. It’s absolutely stunning.

“I am King” keeps things tight and heavy, with on overall sound that is as menacing as it is aggressive. However, the track offers a brief respite in the bridge, complete with another ravenous lead, before continuing the rampage. More elements come to play on “Psychotic Illusion”, as heard in the dramatic intro, and again in the theatrical bridge section. “Feed Him to the Lions” finds the group back in their heavier element, leading into the most impressive piece of the offering, “Oblivion”, an instrumental that bears slight resemblance to something that would have been done by IN FLAMES during their heyday. This song is simply gorgeous and ripe with melody, beginning with an intricate interplay between acoustic guitars and bass, before moving to electric lead work that soars above the previous material. Thereafter, things stay on a fairly consistent path, with “Ashes of Destiny”, “Devious Greed” and “Bloodshot Eyes” playing out in a more aggressive manner.

On face value, Deadened may appear to some as a generic rehashing of classic Death Metal tricks; the guitars are mixed with the mids scooped, the bass is set to cover every inch of the low end, the vocals rest primarily on throaty barks and growls and much of the verbiage surrounding the disc offers negative inflection. However, DYING HUMANITY show beyond a shadow of doubt that they are more than capable of delivering a powerful and diverse record. This disc encompasses all that Melo-Death needs to embrace, and everything a fan of this genre could desire. Go out and get yourself a copy of this one, you’re going to be missing out if you don’t.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Delusion”, “Beyond Redemption”, “I am King”, “Psychotic Illusion”, “Oblivion”

RATING: 9/10


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