Sanzu – Painless


I love it when I get albums from bands that don’t have a label (and consequently haven’t been corrupted by one yet), and their PR is SO excited about them that I just have to make them a top listening priority. Sometimes they turn out really great, and other times it’s like, “Eek! Don’t quit your day jobs, guys!” Luckily, in the case of SANZU from Perth, Western Australia, their bio says the following about their debut EP: “Painless is nothing short of a jaw-dropping release, fusing together the unbridled fury and aggression of old-school death-metal with the powerful groove and technicality of modern metal.” Man, never have I seen someone get it more right than that.

If someone was writing the instruction manual on How to Kick Asses then this EP should be the template. With shades of GOJIRA, and a powerful cocktail of brutal yet technical Death Metal SANZU needs to be on everyone’s watch list in the coming months. Featuring Zachary Andrews on vocals and Fatima Curley on bass, drummer Ben Stanley and guitarists Century and Mickey Hart, this is one of those bands you give your friend a bear hug-thank you for getting you into them. Listen to “Defamer”, or opener “18 Days of Rain’ and try to tell me I’m wrong. You can’t. Then there’s the single “For All.” This song had me ready to flip cars like Hulk on a rampage!

We all get riddled with musical bullets during “Variant Red” while subsequently getting our teeth kicked in from beginning to end. Closer “Lunar Crush” definitely has that “Comin’ for ya” vibe. The riffs and tempo are very much like the knife-wielding maniac outside your bedroom door which is locked. No matter, if he wants to get in, he’ll get in. And that’s what this song does, get in your head and stay there. Forget all the barriers you try to put up, it’s coming to get you. The best riffage is also on display during this number, which is an added bonus, no? All told SANZU completely hit it out of the park with Painless, a perfect EP, and I am very, VERY anxious to see what they do on their upcoming full-length album. This band needs to be on the lips of every single Death Metal aficionado worldwide, no question!



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