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Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War - Artwork

THY ART IS MURDER return with their latest release Holy War, coming soon from Nuclear Blast Records. I’ve had no previous experiences with them before this album, but from what I’ve been listening to, this band kicks MAJOR ass! For a band I’ve never tried out, TAIM is wonderful and was surprisingly really easy to get into. As a whole the record is pretty sweet, the writing is really technical, and that’s something i enjoy a lot. With the really aggressive low vocals and loud beating guitar riffs, it’s very well made. There are very few deathcore bands I actually enjoy listening to, but THY ART IS MURDER is definitely one of those bands.

The intro track to Holy War, “Absolute Genocide,” opens with a very creepy sounding guitar riff that had me mesmerized. The drums and vocals join in over the riff, turning the song really heavy, and it took my breath away! This isn’t some typical chugging deathcore song, it’s very original sounding. The vocals had me as soon as I heard them, they’re so low and angry, it’s beautiful. The song gets even better when they slow down for the verses, it has such a good flow to it, such an enjoyable track. It’s one of the best songs on here for sure.

The end of “Absolute Genocide” leads right into the next song, “Light Bearer.” This song is the most evil sounding on the entire album. It opens with a really slow guitar riff, it gave me chills upon first listening to it. It speeds up about halfway through and that’s where the strings get really technical and elaborate their sound, it’s an awesome song. The title track, “Holy War,” fades in slowly and eerily, and the vocals follow not long after. The breakdown here is so pumping, it’s nothing less than amazing. This song is EASILY another one of the top tracks on the album.

“Fur and Claw” is my personal favorite from Holy War. The guitar riffs are somewhat simple but very likeable. Some leads rip over the vocals and rhythms and sound so good. It breaks down about halfway in, and it’s really awesome, the rhythm stays low with a growling chorus and another lead going over it. The song is definitely my top pick. The outro song “Naked and Cold” is extremely good for an exit. The vocals and guitars fade in together, and it’s super cool. Being as brutal as it is, the song is minor and it is a sad sounding one. The meaning makes it even more enjoyable, and this track really is a good outro.

Holy War is now one of my favorite deathcore albums. The songs are all amazing and very well-produced. All the instrumentals and vocals mesh well, but the guitar and vocal parts have got to be my favorite. They compliment each other very well and make the album sound as good as it does. This one is worth picking up for anyone, it’s so good all around. So make sure you buy your copy on June 30 from Nuclear Blast Records. it’s not worth skipping out on, so go buy one. And be sure to catch THY ART IS MURDER on Mayhem Fest all summer long!


RATING: 9.5/10


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