There Was Hope For Terminator: Genisys…


Got an e-mail from a friend today that I simply HAD to share with all my fellow lovers of GOOD movies, not 90% of the crap out there today. The author, who wishes to remain nameless for now raises some very good points about something I feel has ruined cinema in this day and age. So, here it is…unfiltered, unaltered, and honest. Hope you like it! And feel free to discuss:

“There Was Hope For Terminator: Genisys

It had a time-travel aspect of current-day Arnold going back to fight “First Film” Arnold to prevent any of that from happening. (Best idea I’ve heard so far since T2.)

It had James Cameron’s seal of approval:

“If you like the Terminator films, you’re going to like this movie.”

“I consider Genisys to be the REAL third Terminator film…”

and now… the dreaded:


Anyone that would dilute this particular series to achieve that rating has so far proven that they haven’t got the slightest idea of the tone or point to these films.

My friend, I fear the days that we will see another R-rated, adult-oriented classic (the kind we used to run to South Shore Video for) are dwindling down to such an extent that in a couple years there will be no films left worth a theater trip. Incidentally, have you realized exactly how many of those films that we rented on VHS are now considered classics? Dozens.

Everything past T2 was garbage.

There was hope with Genisys. Now, the hope is still there only if you don’t mind losing things like selecting “Fuck you, asshole!” from the lexicon parser of the T-800 series. Say goodbye to Sarah and Reese getting it on in a hotel room. Say goodbye to much of the tonality that made these films compelling in the first place. Say hello to Avengers-style bashing about between old and new CSMs for two straight hours.

(I know none of this is new to us, but I had to get this out to anyone who gives a shit.)



Folks, your beloved (or hated) Maestro is 100% in agreement here, and as a result, I WILL be skipping this abomination in any and all formats. Like the man said: “There was hope for Terminator: Genisys“…WAS. Big thanks to the Mystery Guest for allowing me to share this one.   ~dc

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