Cut Up – Forensic Nightmares


CUT UP were founded by drummer Tobias Gustafsson and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist in early 2014. After disbanding VOMITORY towards the end of 2013, and after a staggering 24 years of death metal duty, the two felt it was the obvious decision to continue creating death metal together. Soon after, guitarist Anders Bertilsson and guitarist/vocalist Andreas Björnson were recruited and CUT UP was complete. OK. So there’s the origins behind this fine band, in case you were wondering where the HELL something like this came from. Honestly, this debut album Forensic Nightmares (out now on Metal Blade Records) has been getting a ton of play here at A&GS HQ, at least twice a day. It is ripping, crushing, gnaw-at-the-bone Death Metal that quite frankly sounds every bit like something the veterans in this group would create. Plus, all four members were involved in the songwriting…and it shows.

As soon as I heard “Stab and Stab Again” I knew this was gonna be up there with DEIVOS and SKINLESS as far as killer offerings in 2015, and the rest of the record only cements that point. “Order of the Chainsaw” (favorite), “Remember the Flesh”, and “Brain Cell Holocaust” demonstrate the almighty power of the Death Metal riff to such a degree I fully expected my dashboard to melt on my way to work. Not to mention the vocals are mean, dirty, and brutal, like some beast you kept locked away who’s finally broken free and is thirsty for blood.Opening track “Enter Hell” is kick-the-door-down brutality and sets the tone for what’s to come, which is a full-on ass-kicking, by the way.

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around “Burial Time” and “A Butchery Improved” and with good reason. Either one of these will provide that sonic kick in the balls you probably need to get your sorry ass motivated on any given day, especially with “Butchery”. The title track “Forensic Nightmare” sounds deliciously evil and is what I imagine could be the soundtrack to someone on a kill-crazy rampage! And “Camouflesh” has a thick and rich tone, thanks to Rundqvists’s bass and the guitar duo of Bertilsson and Björnson. The way they mesh together is something else. Then when you factor in the take-no-prisoners drumming from Gustafsson it’s obvious why this one is an absolute standout (even though the whole fucking record rips!).

“Bunker Z16” hits the ground running and sprints its way to the finish line, and closer “Dead and Impaled” (other favorite) sounds so good coming out of your speakers you’ll swear you’ve died and gone to Hell. Everything about this tune simply shreds, rocks, burns, kills, and generally wrecks shop from start to finish. And the thing about this one is not only does it fuck you up, it also has you reaching for that REPEAT button so you can play the record again and again. CUT UP are here to stay, and with Forensic Nightmares they have thrown their hat into the ring for Death Metal Album of the Year in 2015. Some of the best songwriting you’ll get all year, and I cannot recommend this one enough, guys.


RATING: 10/10

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