Counterparts – Tragedy Will Find Us


It’s perfect. I could honestly leave this review at that one statement right there, but my editor would probably come find where I live and beat me with a very large, blunt, and slightly rusty object, so I’ll take the time to dig in a little deeper. I don’t understand how they do it, but the boys in COUNTERPARTS have put out ANOTHER absolutely heart crushing release with Tragedy Will Find Us (July 24, Pure Noise Records). They have this strange ability to combine some of the most intense lyrical content one could muster, pair it with soulfully driven melodies, and glue it together with some of the best drum work you’ll hear on a modern heavy genre album. I honestly mean it when I say I choked up listening to quite a few of these songs. A vocalist can complain about anything, in fact, that’s what most of the industry’s lyrical content is made up of, but there are a few exceptions floating out there that have this certain impact, this… weight to their words, and this album is packed to the teeth with it.

Over the course of this year, I’ve heard several good records. All of them will more than likely be staying in my current collection for the rest of my life; but this one? It will be heard regularly. It will be played for as many people as I can get to hear it. It will be blasting as I drive to band practice, or as I’m working on certain projects or what the fuck ever. It will be playing for a LONG time because, as emotionally hard hitting as it is, it’s also a super energetic release. Very, VERY few albums have made me want to literally stand up and throw myself through my wall and beat the shit out of my roommates more than this album. Every pulsating and incredibly tasteful start/stop rhythm just draws a very intense groove from every track. Now, I’m the first one to love some good breakdowns, but this album goes into full-bore hardcore rampages and, sometimes, almost poppy sounding chorus-ish parts, which really helps to round out the diversity overall for this release. I find some new detail that stands out every time I play through it and, upon reception of this album, it hasn’t stopped playing yet.

Of course, when it comes to reviewing stuff like this, it certainly helps that I’m already a fan of the band. However, if you just listen to this album as objectively as you can, you will blatantly hear a group of young men bringing excellently crafted songs to the table that they unearthed from the bottoms of their hearts. That’s something I will always 100% stand behind. I can’t honestly think of anything that has impacted me musically as much as this lately, and I have a feeling nothing else this year will. So Brendan (Vocals), Jesse/Adrian (Guitars), Brian (Bass), Kelly (Drums), thank you so very much for what you made here. Thank you so much for bringing even more passion for music out of my heart than I thought I had. Complete and total immersion in an album like this is something everyone should experience. I strongly recommend you get ready to mosh yourself into oblivion while crying uncontrollably, because that’s exactly what the fuck is going to happen.

RATING: 10/10

STANDOUT TRACKS: Every single one of them. Pre-order this right now.


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