Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction


CATTLE DECAPITATION is one of THE best bands I have ever listened to. Their sound is so raw and just heavy as hell. Their work is evil, and they have improved so much over the years. Every new album is an improvement, and much better than the last. Their newest release The Anthropocene Extinction most definitely makes that statement true. This album contains some of the absolute best work I’ve heard from them; it’s really intoxicating, the more I listen, the more stuck to it I become. CATTLE DECAPITATION is a band that will never get old, and I can never stop listening. I can’t say enough about this album.

This release is one that just has to be listened to all the way through; it tells a story. The intro “Manufactured Extinct” is awesome to say the least. The guitars rip in with an evil slow riff, then speeds up for the vocals to enter. This track really fits the album title. It’s dark and you can just feel the extinction. Travis Ryan’s vocals are phenomenal in this song, and across the whole album. The vocals are absolutely the best part, they’re the most inhuman thing I’ve ever heard, they’re terrifying. Everything about this album is amazing but NOTHING compares to the vocals because they complete it perfectly.

One of my favorite tracks is “Plagueborn.” The intro is kind of weird, but it’s a killer song nonetheless. One feature that sticks out is Travis doing his high pitched clean vocals. These are a lot more common here than on the last record, and they’re just great. They are extremely melodic and they send shivers down my spine instantly. This tune is one of the best-written songs musically. “Ave Exitium” is an intro to the final track “Pacific Grim.” It’s slow and steady and gives off the feeling of the destruction of humankind. Like I mentioned before, this album tells a story, and this story is dark. With “Grim” they don’t waste any time getting into their groove. The song starts off very quickly with blast beats and fast-paced riffs and vocals, but then slows down to a slower more minor part, giving off a sad kind of atmosphere, creating the perfect ending to this album.

The Anthropocene Extinction is now my favorite release of the year, and it damn well deserves that spot. The whole thing is just so creepy and dark, it’s completely flawless. The drums are awesome with their blast beats and amazingly fast double bass. The guitarwork is really menacing and melodic, the bass has awesome tones throughout, and the vocals are astounding, with screeching highs and beefy lows. This disc is truly a masterpiece, there’s nothing else like it. I’m happy to say that CATTLE DECAPITATION is still alive and well, and they’re still providing some kickass music.

You do not want to wait to get this one, it’s too good. So make completely sure you go pick up a copy on August 7 from Metal Blade Records. I can tell you right now this can be played over and over all day. You will definitely regret not picking up this beauty, so do it!


RATING: 10/10


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