Bobaflex – Anything That Moves


BOBAFLEX is one of the bands I got turned onto during A&GS’ infancy, and after a record review, interview, and then live show report/drinking session with the band I was fully on board. And I still stand by the fact that they are a fun, kickass band. However, after the highpoint of Charlatan’s Web this new album Anything That Moves is a bit of a letdown for me. And the reason I’m saying that is because I pride myself on 100% br00tal honesty.

Sure, there are some good songs such as “Lose Control” and “Objectified” but other tracks totally overdo the dual vocal harmony thing like opener “Start a War”. “Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away)” is just juvenile and silly, and I can’t believe they thought this worthy of going on the finished album. However one of the record’s brightest spots comes with acoustic number “Turn Me On”, the brothers (Marty and Shaun McCoy) working to their full potential and then some.

Another cool tune was “You Don’t Want to Know” which mines the 90’s radio rock well to near perfection. “Pray to the Devil” also has a terrific buildup and is one of the deeper songs lyrically,resulting in another winner. And yet, every time I hear “End of the World” all I can do is think of how much better the song would be without forcing that layered dual vocal on us every second. The guys really overdid it on several tracks, as I mentioned earlier.

“Dry Your Eyes” is a perfect example of what BOBAFLEX does best: rock hard, and give ‘em some swamp boogie swagger, while closer “Forgiven” is without a doubt the album’s hidden gem. The feel and groove are infectious. I only wish there were more like this on the disc. Look, at the end of the day this isn’t a BAD album, but there are just too many moments where it seems like the band is trying too hard, and it doesn’t feel natural. When I really like a record I listen to it nonstop, and that just didn’t happen this time around. Hopefully next time…

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Forgiven”, “Lose Control”, “Turn Me On”, “Pray to the Devil”

RATING: 7/10

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