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The industrial metal flag has been held high for over twenty years (a very special representative genre of the 90’s), and there’s almost only one band that has been blasting this type of music since then, with each release delivering a big hit right in your face that takes you straight to the Matrix where it should be hitting you even harder. I am of course talking about FEAR FACTORY. Composed of Burton C. Bell (vocals), Dino Cazares (guitars), Mike Heller (drums) and newest member Tony Campos (bass), FEAR FACTORY just released their ninth album Genexus (Nuclear Blast Records) and let me tell you that this album is worth listening to every single minute.

What makes this band really special is that they’ve been able to both experiment with their music and keep their own and unique legacy that makes them be FEAR FACTORY and not just another band. Starting with the ten-track album, the opening song “Autonomous Combat System” can really get you ready with a fair sample of how the album shakes out, but don’t get too excited because “Anodized” will turn your skin inside-out with the heavy riffing. “Dielectric” is their newly-released single, and it holds a good amount of suspense followed by “Soul Hacker”, a stand-up song designed to have an inspirational chorus aimed at those people who like to control the masses.

“Protomech” holds more electronic elements combined with the metal we love, and it’s also quite a different track but very entertaining to listen to. “Genexus”, the title track holds true to FEAR FACTORY’s roots very strongly, and keeps your heart beating just as the previous songs did. “Church of Execution” is composed of simpler riffs, but once you transform those to a live show environment, there’s no turning back. “Regenerate” is a song that lets you stand up, the chorus is very sentimental and it calms you down a little bit from all the headbanging that this album contains. “Battle for Utopia” brings back FEAR FACTORY’s style so that you don’t forget what they’re made of and lastly “Expiration Date” is a long closing track, ideal to bring all the adrenaline down after listening to a very, very joyful and brutal record.

FEAR FACTORY has been promoting Genexus on a North American tour along with JASTA and DEVIL YOU KNOW. I had the opportunity to catch their Dallas stop, and they had an excellent performance at the venue; heck they should’ve taken the headlining spot, but life is different. FEAR FACTORY is definitely one band to catch live, they can shatter the earth’s functional code, inhale it, and spit it right out in the form of a bunch of sweaty guys raising horns with their hands for one hour or so. This experience is worth a ticket. I command you to pick this album up and support your favorite artists.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Autonomous Combat System”, “Dielectric”, “Soul Hacker”, “Genexus”, “Regenerate”

RATING: 8.5/10


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