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Disturbed-Immortalized cover

It’s been five years since DISTURBED released a new record. And quite frankly their last effort Asylum felt very much like they were phoning it in. It’s good that they took this time off to rest, recharge, and pursue other interests (DEVICE, FIGHT OR FLIGHT), because now that David Draiman, Mike Wengren, John Moyer, and Dan Donegan have reconvened the results are pretty goddamn good! Immortalized is out now on Reprise Records and it’s safe to say that the DISTURBED boys are ready to come back strong and kick everyone right up the fuckin’ ass.

I knew they meant business as soon as title track “Immortalized” kicked in. You can hear the cohesion of this unit; Wengren and Moyer, Draiman and Donegan, all digging in like an NFL defense at the goal line. Kevin Churko’s production seems to get the best out of them. When “The Vengeful One” starts you’re gonna move. Whether you’re in a chair or standing, before you know it you WILL be moving. This is the band we fell in love with back in 2000 in all their glory! That feeling continues with “Open Your Eyes”, those chug-chug riffs lighting up before our very eyes, with a big chorus to boot.

Now…let’s talk about THE greatest song on this record and one of THE greatest songs DISTURBED has ever written…”The Light”. It is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from this band, and the sheer melody of it just might cause many of you to fall over in shock, but pleasantly so. It is also officially in my Top Five Songs of 2015. I knew that 30 seconds in. “What Are You Waiting For” quickly brings us out of our reverie and smacks us upside the head. The intro to “You’re Mine” is very interesting because I had no idea where this was going. Electronica to start, then the band kicks in, making this another favorite. “Who” serves to remind us of what we’ve been missing in DISTURBED’S absence, with a chunky riff and hearty vocal, and “Save Our Last Goodbye” brings the heavy with a motherfucking vengeance.

Which is not to say there aren’t some bad things on this record. “Fire It Up” is pretty fucking stupid. I guarantee I’ll skip this one on most if not all future listens. I also wasn’t very impressed with “Never Wrong”; again, it’s OK, not great. However, the band’s cover of SIMON AND GARFUNKEL’S “The Sound of Silence” is one for the ages. These guys always do a killer cover on their albums, and this one is no exception. Official closer “Who Taught You How to Hate” has some terrific effects going on that surround Draiman’s vocal delivery, which is done with authority. Bonus track “The Brave and the Bold” is also pretty goddamn good, by the way.

Hey, when all is said and done this is a fucking great album. Did DISTURBED reinvent the wheel? No. Did they do anything groundbreaking? Again…No. But what they DID do is come back strong with a record you can groove to, and blast at any barbecue while having a good time. This is just the album this summer needed. Go get your copy of Immortalized right now, people.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Lights”, “You’re Mine”, “Who”, “Save Our Last Goodbye”, “Immortalized”, “The Vengeful One”

RATING: 9/10

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