Dying Sun Over North America: Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum in NYC!!

GATHERUM 2It feels as though  I was just talking about an INSOMNIUM tour only a few short months ago. Oh, wait…I was. Last January they opened for DARK TRANQUILLITY. This time around the band are headlining their first ever North American tour with support from OMNIUM GATHERUM.

Fans lined up outside of The Gramercy Theatre hours in advance. When the doors opened, the venue filled up very quickly. It was great to see such a large turnout for this show considering that on the same night, not to far off at Irving Plaza, FEAR FACTORY were putting on a performance of their own. While there was much debate about which show to attend it was great to see the audience grow in numbers as the night progressed. Clearly, the NYC crowd need their fix of some melodic death metal.

GATHERUM 1Last time they were here, OMNIUM GATHERUM opened up for DARK TRANQUILLITY in New York City. It’s hard to believe that it has been two years. These guys have been going strong for nearly two decades and have six albums under their belt.

The group has a loyal fanbase who are patiently waiting for them to headline a tour of their own in the near future. The entire band was full of energy beginning to end as they delivered their nine song set, especially guitarist Markus Vanhala, who did double duty. The night kicked off with “Everfield” followed by “New Dynamic.” The set primarily focused on 2011’s New World Shadows and 2013’s Beyond. Midway into the set we were treated to a new song “Skyline.” and the fans cheered their approval.

INSOMNIUM 3OMNIUM GATHERUM proved they can provide listeners with a full on metal assault, but at the same time allow moments of clarity with their melodic undertones. Very little was spoken throughout their set; this performance was all about the music. And they accomplished the task well setting the tone for the night. One can hope that it will not take them another two years to grace the NYC stage.

Those who arrived to see Finnish melodic metallers INSOMNIUM were greeted with a few different faces. Filling in for Niilo Sevänen, who was missing the tour due to family issues, was bassist Mike Bear. In addition, former ARCH ENEMY guitarist Nick Cordle was on stage in place of Ville Friman. During the set Mike Bear led the audience in applause for Niilo and his decision to put his family first.  

INSOMNIUM 1One of the high points of their set was the dual guitar shredding of Cordle and Markus Vanhala (waitaminute…wasn’t he just..? Yup!). Mike Bear did an excellent job holding his own. He clearly knew what he was doing, his growls were deep, and he hit the bass lines perfectly.

INSOMNIUM kicked it off with “Primeval Dark” and transitioned to “While We Sleep”, from last year’s Shadows of the Dying Sun record. The setlist focused largely on that, with songs like “ Revelation,” Blackheart Rebellion”, and “Ephemeral.” Some of the highlights of the night were songs that went further into the band’s catalogue. We got “Down with the Sun” off of 2009’s Across the Dark as well as closers “Weighed Down,” and “Sorrow”. And of course they went back to their debut album with the fan favorite “Elder,” which was truly a moment not to be missed.


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