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Many years ago, some mythical form of Death Metal was forged in Greenville, South Carolina, but this one had its soul placed in Ancient Egypt and lyrics that, besides giving all of us complete history lessons, show us that not everything before our time conserves peace, and there were once four civilizations that ruled the world in existence thousands of years ago, and things turned ugly within that time. Coming back to the present, and after three long-awaited years, NILE are back and ready to pulverize our heads with some more of their magical riffs.

NILE might not be one of the biggest death metal bands compared to others, but it’s just what a death metal band needs to have: a bunch of hard-working dedicated dudes, dressed in jeans with a black shirt, armed with musical instruments ready to destroy un-fancy venues with die-hard metal fans. They are finally releasing their eighth studio album What Should Not Be Unearthed (Nuclear Blast Records) on August 28, and it consists of 50 minutes full of brutal riffs ready to resurrect Tutankhamun for the second time in your backyard.

A&GS recently had the honor of interviewing Karl Sanders, NILE’s founding member, and in it he talks about the difference that What Should Not Be Unearthed holds with the band’s previous albums. I agree that the record in review holds more of what we know NILE for, except that this time we get to understand one or two words more among the guttural contributions from their excellent vocalist. Starting with the songs: “Call to Destruction” tells you what to do, get out there and destroy everything you find, as if you were the eleventh plague of Egypt. Following the madness, “Negating the Abominable Coils of Apep” is a perfect fit for an embodiment of chaos. “In the Name of Amun” stands out as probably my favorite tune related to a popular god that I’ve actually heard of. The title track “What Should Not Be Unearthed” brings things to a slower environment, but makes it feel like the riffs are pulling you down from earth.

Moving on, “Evil to Cast Out Evil” has a kickass introduction only for both guitars to take over with ridiculously fast-played notes. “Age of Famine” goes back again to pull you down from earth even harder and, metaphorically speaking, you won’t find the need for food in here because NILE’s been feeding you their death metal before you came to earth in existence. “Ushabti Reanimator” is a very short melodical track that can never be missed in any of NILE’s work. Pull this track out before thinking about placing your boss in a sarcophagus. “Rape of the Black Earth” brings the world to a close end with more of NILE’s brutal work. Finally, “To Walk Forth From Flames Unscathed” is a longer song that holds every technical change with greatness.

After listening to this record, I’m seriously suspecting that members Karl Sanders (vocals, guitars), Dallas Toler-Wade (vocals, guitars), George Kollias (drums, percussion) and Brad Parris (bass, vocals) might have some sort of immortality judging by their ability to hold their humanly-impossible rhythm to play their music and shows. They can also move their hands to create music that magically gives you more energy to become the visual translation of the Book of the Dead. Do not dare to miss NILE on their upcoming North American tour in early 2016. Hopefully you won’t just vanish and be dragged into the unknown mysteries of Ancient Egypt to suffer for all eternity after catching their live set.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Call to Destruction”, “Negating the Abominable Coils of Apep”, “In the Name of Amun”, “Evil to Cast Out Evil”, “Rape of the Black Earth”

RATING: 8.5/10


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