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A few months ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to one band that has now become one of my favorites of their genre. Hailing from what has become my favorite country for metal, Sweden’s very own SOILWORK is seriously one kickass band, and they’re scheduled to release their tenth studio album The Ride Majestic (Nuclear Blast Records) on August 28. This is one release that I have been anxiously waiting for since right after their latest live album Live In the Heart of Helsinki was released.

I’ve mentioned before that music in general is very variate, and any metal genre or sub-genre has hundreds of bands to get into. Unfortunately, I wish I could choose a point of comparison from The Ride Majestic to other previous SOILWORK releases, but once I had the benefit of reviewing Live In the Heart of Helsinki, I’m confident enough to say that this is a band that doesn’t really hold a particular style in every song they write. Yes, they’re catalogued as Melodic Death Metal, but once their hard work is set to blast our ears, it’s easy to notice that every change in their songs can get your body moving. Trust me on this: SOILWORK has the perfect song for anything you’d like to do in your life.

Starting this beautiful musical production, “The Ride Majestic” offers the perfect intro to the experimental composition of all ten songs, followed by “Alight in the Aftermath”, which is very heavy and I sure hope I get to hear it live very soon. “Death in General” holds really beautiful tones during the chorus, and it goes from calm to “I’m the king of the world” mood. These songs and the remaining ones are very different from each other, and I hope you, my beloved reader, believe me that SOILWORK is a band you’ll never regret listening to.

“Petrichor by Sulphur” has a more complex and technical intro, but the melody really gets you there, in this thing called “having a blast”. “The Phantom” is another fast song that hardly stops the speedy beats but finds a perfect combination between clean vocals and fast-paced drums. “Whirl of Pain” brings you back where you were before you pressed PLAY on your electronic device to enjoy the record, but at this point you should be putting the check mark on SOILWORK’S The Ride Majestic as an album you will be glad you listened to. “All Along Echoing Paths” can take you by surprise; the intro is something unusual but heavy enough to release some more rage. Enjoy the melodies during the chorus, they sound great! Closing the album “Father and Son Watching the World Go Down” didn’t get my approval at first, but after a few times of listening and letting things go, I can classify this song as a very nice ending for a spectacular album.

I have to give props again to SOILWORK’s members: Björn Strid (vocalist), David Andersson (guitar), Sylvain Coudret (guitar), Ola Flink (bass), Sven Karlsson (keyboards) and Dirk Verbeuren (drums) for writing and producing another one of my support tools for everyday occasions. I can share without a doubt that I’m really looking forward to catch SOILWORK’s live set for the first time this October during their North American Tour with SOULFLY, DECAPITATED and SHATTERED SUN. This is a lineup that is perfect to drag new metalheads to our amazing world (and to the pit!)… that’s precisely what I’m going to try with my circle of friends, I’m going to introduce them to SOILWORK because I believe in them. Pick this album up and never pause it.

STANDOUT TRACKSALL OF THEM                                                                                    

RATING: 9.5/10


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