Summer’s Last Stand In Dallas: Part II – Slipknot!!

SLIPKNOT LIVE 1And now, for the final act…it had been almost a year since SLIPKNOT had their last show in Dallas on Halloween 2014 (a memorable night, by the way). Everybody was ready to give Corey Taylor, Mick Thompson, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Sid Wilson, Shawn Crahan, Chris Fehn, Alex Venturella and Jay Weinberg a warm and active welcoming after the amazing performances from the previous bands BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and LAMB OF GOD. The setlist was SEVENTEEN songs that combined to equal ninety minutes of destruction.

If you’ve ever seen SLIPKNOT before you will know that a show that long promises to be positively catastrophic (a good thing in the metal community).

SLIPKNOT LIVE 2Their opening song “Sarcastrophe” gave the fans no chance to prepare and soon enough everybody was losing their minds, followed by “The Heretic Anthem” which took everybody by surprise with no introduction and it already felt like SLIPKNOT had been playing for an hour, but their amazing show was just starting. Their third song “Psychosocial” had become one of my favorites during my pre-game sessions for the gig, and it’s basically the reason why my back was killing me after the show.

SLIPKNOT’s latest release is .5 The Gray Chapter, and they picked two to play from this fantastic album: “The Devil In I” (hell yes!!) and “AOV”. All I could see during this was nine dudes killing it on stage. I find it unbelievable that every one of them has their own different way.

SLIPKNOT LIVE 6I mean, there’s a guy here jumping, and another one blasting bats over cans to the other side, and there’s this dude holding his string instrument while head banging, and some more people fooling around in the back during every song. It’s a bizarre circus that won’t scare away your little babies.

“Purity” and “Wait And Bleed” were other tunes performed by the band, it gave most of us enough time to catch our breath. But wait, what’s this? “Killpop” continues with the spectacle, only to make all of us jump up high with “Before I Forget”, my favorite song to jump to. At this time Corey Taylor had probably warned us to be prepared to leave nasty from the show, full of blood, sweat and shit (literally). I kid you not, there was this guy that I unfortunately saw throwing up in the pit and that made me realize that I had now seen everything during my ten years as a metal concertgoer.

SLIPKNOT LIVE 7Going back to the show, it had been eight years since the last time I heard “The Blister Exists” and that made me the happiest person alive. After this song, the SLIPKNOT’S distinguished vocalist invited us all to sing along with him to “Duality” and then “The Negative One” right away, which is also one of my favorite tracks from the new record. At this time, it seemed like we were already seeing the end of the set because the space in between songs noticeably started to become longer, but wait for what’s coming up next.

“Spit It Out” caught most of us off guard again, and more in particular with the “JUMP THE FUCK UP!!” section that all SLIPKNOT die-hards love! I had received many hard hits by each beat of every song, and “Custer” definitely took away what was left of my energy.

SLIPKNOT LIVE 5This one feels very fast and intense, and I thank the band to infinity for writing something like this for the hard days. Fourteen songs had already been played so far and the crowd was making noise non-stop. This was potentially one of the best shows I’ve attended this year and it wasn’t even over!

One of the highlights before continuing to the next and final number was that lead singer Corey Taylor referenced himself passing out three years before on that very stage due to Texas’ undesirable heat after one of their performances… but that wasn’t happening this night for sure. Their encore actively started with “(sic)” which blew our minds, followed by “People = Shit”, which blew our minds even harder only to finish with the metal national anthem “Surfacing”.

SLIPKNOT LIVE 4This caused us to be brainless after so much headbanging and doing animal-like stuff just like SLIPKNOT subliminally encourages us to do. At this point, I dare you to check out the songs played again…you think everybody enjoyed their time? Damn right we did!

SLIPKNOT, LAMB OF GOD and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE made sure that the entire evening was full of enjoyment and fun experiences. Thousands of people were gathered to see some really good bands do what they do best and to have a good time. I’m glad that the promoters chose Dallas as the last city to bring this tour to an end and mark another chapter in history. This was definitely a must-attend show for all the people that don’t just like SLIPKNOT, but metal in general.

If you missed this one, you should be offering yourself to some witch to remove any of the metal music that you like because you just missed a show that most likely will NEVER happen again and you should feel bad for it! Great stories, great experiences, fun times, awesome friends and one more show to look back on and remember forever…  \m/ \m/




3 comments to “Summer’s Last Stand In Dallas: Part II – Slipknot!!”
3 comments to “Summer’s Last Stand In Dallas: Part II – Slipknot!!”

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