Display of Decay – Dust Of Existence


It’s Sunday Night, 8 p.m. and my beloved EAGLES lost. So needless to say I’m fucking pissed. Since Mrs. Amps will literally kill me in my sleep if I punch another hole in the wall in places we live I am taking my frustrations and listening to some br00tal Death Metal for the rest of the evening. And Canadian band DISPLAY OF DECAY is the perfect way to kick off my night! Their new album Dust of Existence (self-released, September 22) is exactly what Death Metal is all about. Crushing, killer guitar grooves, thick as molasses bass tones, and a vocalist who sounds like he eats children, combined with a slammin’ drummer make for one mostrous listen, and not just the first time you play the disc, but each time thereafter.

“Created to Kill” is a motherfucking buzzsaw opener that punches you square in the jaw and lets you know just what it is you are in for, and that’s the ass-kicking of a lifetime, BITCH!! “Relentless” keeps the intensity going, vocalist Jessy Leduc coming at you with an onslaught of fire and lava while guitarists Sean Watson and Jeremy Puffer riff their way through you from tip to tail, unleashing the beast with every step. I really was impressed with “Messiah” because the song goes in several different directions but never once loses focus or its heaviness, making it an instant favorite. Bassist Jacob Maisonneuve and drummer Avery Desmarais are the stars of this track without a doubt.

“Maruta” is also interesting because it starts out slow and grinding. Where it’s going is anyone’s guess until the :44 second mark and then they come at you like a tank division looking to flatten you. The winding tempo of “Cellar Goreatory” made this another winner and I found myself hitting REPEAT…a lot. Now obviously when you have a song called “High Voltage Castration” you also have my undivided attention. What this song also has is brutality in spades and it’s not for the faint of heart. “Nyctophilia” (uhhh…what?) is another one that utilizes misdirection at first and then bombards you with riffs and growls till you take cover. Again I can’t say enough about Maisonneuve’s playing on this tune.

Closing out the record is title track “Dust of Existence”. A swirling, windy, rainstorm-like atmosphere gets us started, then the band comes marching in, sounding almost like a funeral procession. The riffs are slow and deliberate, then pick up to a mid-tempo before coming back down. This back and forth goes on for seven minutes and change with some br00tal blast beats thrown in for good measure, but the riffs are really the star of the show on this one. At the end of the day DISPLAY OF DECAY have put out one monster of an album. Dust of Existence is chock full of all the goodness we love in this genre and every Death Metal fan should buy this one, STAT!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Maruta”, “Cellar Goreatory”, “High Voltage Castration”, “Messiah”

RATING: 9.3/10

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