Marty Friedman And Exmortus: Raining Fire In Two Cities!! (Part I: Exmortus)


Marty Friedman brought his Inferno Tour to the U.S. recently with special guests EXMORTUS and A&GS was able to catch the show in not one but TWO cities, New York and Philadelphia. So you get my take on the events in Philly, and staff photographer Anya’s images from NYC. Cool, right? This was Friedman’s first time touring the States in over ten years and he and his band made sure to pull out as many stops and as much guitar, drum, and bass wizardry as possible. But first, let’s take a look at his guests…


EXMORTUS got things started with a red-hot six-song set that kicked off with “Immortality Made Flesh” and “Slave to the Sword” both from the album of the same name. One thing that was immediately noticeable: the crowd was fired up and ready. North Star Bar in Philly is not the biggest place in the world, but the roars of approval after each song made it sound like there were several hundred people in the room!


Seeing how crazy the masses were going the band seized the opportunity to unleash some new music they’d been working on in the form of “For the Horde” which also got thunderous applause and screams. These guys had the audience in the palms of their hands and they knew it. So it only made sense for them to go the Neoclassical route with their fiery version of “Moonlight Sonata (Act 3)”. If you haven’t heard this, stop reading and GO LISTEN.


Closing out this all-too brief EXMORTUS performance was “Metal Is King” and during this facemelter guitarist David Rivera and vocalist/guitarist Conan did their trademark thing onstage where they play each other’s guitars over each other’s backs. It amazes me how they do this and never miss a note. Drummer Mario Moreno and bassist Michael Cosio were in total lockstep throughout and they are one of the best young rhythm sections not only in metal but that you’ll ever bear witness to.


I cannot recommend enough that you catch EXMORTUS either on this tour with Marty Friedman, or when they come back next year supporting their forthcoming record. This band works their asses off onstage and I dare you to come away unsatisfied.




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