Toxic Holocaust/Lord Dying/Tolar/Hood Rat: Heavy Metal Attack in Texas!! – Trees Dallas

HOOD RAT 1I had the opportunity to catch TOXIC HOLOCAUST on their current tour with LORD DYING and it was nothing less than amazing! I’m not just talking “Oh hey I’m going to a show” kind of amazing, I’m talking full out “Holy hell I love this set more than I love my life” kind of amazing. They performed at Trees Dallas, already making the show 100x more worth going to. Let me tell you how it all went down.

The first band to perform was the Dallas local HOOD RAT. They wasted no time getting started with their set, they got blasting the minute those curtains opened. These guys have a sound no one else can copy, they just have a thrashy aggressive tone in everything. It was really fun to see them. My favorite thing about them was how they connected so well with the crowd. I’ve always enjoyed seeing them play live for this reason.

TOLAR 1They make fun of the crowd and insult them, and they make corny jokes onstage. They really just don’t give a damn about anything. The songs were pretty fun too, it was surprising how into it the audience was for them being the first band to play. Well HOOD RAT put on a damn good set but that was just the beginning of it.

After they played the one and only TOLAR got onstage. I had never heard of them before the show so I had no idea what to expect, but now I know I was in for a treat. When they started playing I was blown away! These guys got on and threw down, it was some old school death metal and it was brutal. Their songs were extremely catchy, but I was angry to see that the crowd had since died down from HOOD RAT. It was disappointing seeing this for a band that was so alive and angry, but they played a kick-ass set anyway!

LORD DYING 1The crowd had been dead for a bit, so I was waiting anxiously for LORD DYING to get up there. I had never really listened to them before this show, so I was a little excited for what they had in store. When they hit the stage, I was in awe in the first 30 seconds. This band was more death metal, but they were really melodic, I couldn’t keep up with their rhythms. The crowd sure wasn’t dead when they came on, and that made it that much more exciting and enjoyable. LORD DYING was the perfect mix of aggression and passion. They were all significantly good, and you could tell that they were into it. The crowd was alive and well after a few songs, and if it seemed more energizing that’s because it was. It was really sad to see them get off when their set ended, but there was another amazing one coming up afterward.

TOXIC 1The legendary TOXIC HOLOCAUST was getting set for their show and everyone was ready for them. When the curtains opened I was shocked to see Joel Grind playing the bass, because he had always played guitar for live shows. They opened with “(Heavy) Metal Attack” and everyone got to pushing and aggressiveness the moment they started playing. It was a pure evil set, there wasn’t a time where they slowed down. It was mesmerizing watching them play. They started playing “666” and everyone (including myself) lost it. The whole crowd got really pumped and we were all pushing and shoving around. TOXIC HOLOCAUST never lost the extreme vibe, if anything they got more aggressive and angry by the minute.

TOXIC 3My personal favorite song “Gravelord” started, and it just felt unreal. They were playing so fast, and the fans were just as fast. They got to “In the Name of Science” and there wasn’t a single moment where everyone wasn’t moving. Joel’s voice was spot on the whole set, and that’s the best part about TOXIC HOLOCAUST, Joel’s hellish vocals. I was extremely sad to hear him say “This next song is called ‘Bitch’” because they always end their sets with that one. It was the most fun song, everyone got their last bit of energy out for it. It was sad to see them end, but it can’t last forever. I actually got the chance to meet Joel after the set; really good guy, pretty nice all around. I had asked him why he was playing bass instead of guitar and he said “I don’t know, just something different.”

This show was one of the best I’ve ever been to (minus all the beer on the floor) especially at Trees. All of the sets were amazing, but TOXIC HOLOCAUST was the absolute best. If you get ANY chance at all to see them on their current tour with LORD DYING I highly recommend you take it. You’ll really be missing a lot if you skip out on this show.



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