Dead Letter Circus – Aesthesis


DEAD LETTER CIRCUS have returned with a powerful third album in Aesthesis. It has only been two years since the last release (The Catalyst Fire) and the boys from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia have not missed a beat. The band has stepped away from the electronic feel of the previous album and delivers a very straight forward progressive rock masterpiece that can be enjoyed at any point of the day.

The album opens with “In Plain Sight” which has a very nice intro of acoustic guitar parts and dual harmonized vocals before ripping into the core of the song, showcasing how diverse this band is. The song tells the story of a person who just ended a relationship and is conflicted as to whether or not they made the right decision.

The record has a very smooth flow to it and transitions seamlessly from track to track, so much that it’s almost as if it was written as one long track and separated after the record was completed. DEAD LETTER CIRCUS seem to have an unmistakable writing style to them, being very melodic and soft at times and at others being heavier without vocalist Kim Benzie having to scream or do harsh vocals to get the message across, setting them apart from a lot of the rock bands that are putting out records lately.

The drums are particularly focused on “While You Wait”, “The Burning Number”, and “Show Me”with each track having a phenomenal beat, really driving the songs and showcasing the skills of drummer and back-up vocalist Luke Williams. “Show Me” really reveals how much range Kim has as a vocalist and his ability to hold his notes for extended periods of time.

Things then slow down for a few numbers starting with”Y A N A”.  Then comes “Silence” which features a very clean, semi-acoustic guitar riff from Clint Vincent and Luke Palmer. Although the pace of the song picks up towards the end, it reverts back to the clean semi-acoustic guitar sound it started out with. “The Lie We Live” proves how in sync bassist Stewart Hill is with Williams. They both lead the band in this track and add to the immense, progressive sound of the album. The band finally returns to their heavier roots with the last two on this 10-song masterpiece, “Change The Concept” probably being the strongest track on the album and having a very memorable chorus.

This is a record that should definitely make it to most Top 10 lists this year. DEAD LETTER CIRCUS once again prove that they are a forced to be reckoned with and when they finally tour through the States again they will prove that can they hang with the rest. Aesthesis is out now via The End Records and can be picked up through most major retailers.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “In Plain Sight” “Show Me” “The Lie We Live” “Born (Part 2)”

RATING: 9/10


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