Trivium And Tremonti Rock The Bomb Factory!! – Dallas, TX

TREMONTI 4As I’m sitting down writing one review that I’ve been looking forward to do since I joined A&GS, I’m thinking about how I imagined I was going to have an awesome time when my favorite band at the moment, TRIVIUM, came to Dallas, TX and I saw myself enjoying every minute of their art. That moment took place on October 6, at the enormous venue The Bomb Factory. TRIVIUM had announced a tour with TREMONTI, who I had heard of many times, but never got to see with either CREED, ALTER BRIDGE or as a solo act.

Since the very moment I saw that this tour was announced, I have to say that I didn’t feel as excited as before because I only liked and knew one band from the bill. I don’t dislike TREMONTI, and I was absolutely willing to check out what the band sounds like. As I continued hearing their songs, my neutral opinion started to lean more towards the “yeah! I like this band!”

TREMONTI 2They all are truly talented and definitely know how to handle a crowd…especially on a Tuesday night, when everybody complains about going back to work the following day. THAT is challenging.

TREMONTI started their set with “Cauterize”, which is a very energetic song, and it got the people moving. They certainly continued that trend with songs like “You Waste Your Time” and “All I Was”. TREMONTI really doesn’t play overly heavy music, but it does feel like it. Most of the riffs are headbang-friendly and they give the band their own identity. It did seem like all of the band members were enjoying their time on the stage. With songs like “So You’re Afraid”, “The Things I’ve Seen” and “Radical Change”, TREMONTI was conquering the Dallas crowd to a point in which the nearly one thousand people at the venue were singing along and following the dynamic of this co-headlining act.

TRIVIUM 1The next songs were a bit calm, such as “Brains” and “Providence”, definitely good tunes to enjoy. To close their night, “Arm Yourself”, “Decay” and “Wish You Well” fit just perfectly to end such an awesome set.

TREMONTI’S performance was really good for a first-timer like me. I would definitely check this band out again whenever they come back. All the band members did a great job, and after a few weeks of resistance, I accepted TREMONTI as part of my favorite bands to the moment.

Now the second headlining act, TRIVIUM was set to take the stage. I really admire and enjoy this band. I felt like it was the very first time I was seeing them even though I’ve been following the guys for six years now, and I got to share that experience with my dear metal friend Stephanie.

TRIVIUM 4With TRIVIUM’s new release just out a few days before the show, Silence in the Snow represents an acceptable transition in TRIVIUM’s career, and all the fans were just about to react to that in whatever way they chose to.

The opening track “Silence in the Snow” took me by surprise with an adrenaline shot. It was definitely a good starting song to welcome the band once again to Dallas with a set full of extremely varied songs. When “Down From the Sky” had their first riffs after the opening track, I lost it. This is my favorite TRIVIUM song out of all of them and it made me lose my voice. The group decided to go back in time to perform “Becoming the Dragon”, which is a very technical song from my point of view, and it was the best performance that I’ve heard from the band. I’m still jamming that one right now.

The audience got just a two-second break before another one of my favorite songs started right up: “Strife” got me singing in its entirety and I felt like I was the happiest person alive at the moment. “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr” had absolutely one of the most changing moments in the show, considering how the song is built, from really hard and fast jams to slower riffs to putting our metal horns up. This is normally not one of my favorite songs, but it is when I’m listening to it live. For the long-time TRIVIUM fans it had to be a great night when the band was switching songs from one album to another. One that got me really excited and into full singing mode was “Build to Fall”, which is not a metal song but it’s one that I always feel like playing.

TRIVIUM 2TRIVIUM continued their long set with another new tune, “Until the World Goes Cold” from Silence in the Snow, which was also spectacular to hear, and erased my skepticism towards that song in particular. Other kick-ass numbers that complemented TRIVIUM’s set were definitely “Black”, “Anthem (We Are The Fire)” and “Dying in your Arms”. Among all the mix of songs that I just mentioned earlier, I have to add the true breakdowns that “Throes of Perdition” and “A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation” involve.

These two have really hard and heavy intros and they defined my entrance to the pit and my transition from a not-so-conventional human-being to just a being enjoying an amazing band. To finish the incredible night, my favorite song from Silence in the Snow “Blind Leading the Blind” took over my ears only to end with “In Waves”.

What can I say that I haven’t said yet about TRIVIUM? I have to give a big YES to this show to as one of the best performances I’ve seen this year so far. I took this gig as my birthday show, enjoyed every song, got to meet band members Matt Heafy, Mat Madiro, Corey Beaulieu, and Paolo Gregoletto, and I left the venue very happy. There’s really nothing else I could’ve asked for in regards to this show. I really want to acknowledge every band and crew member for making this happen, and again, hopefully I’ll blast myself up one more time when I catch TRIVIUM’s set live at Knotfest Mexico for the sixth time. Hasta la vista.




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