Bring Me The Horizon/Issues/PVRIS Live At South Side Ballroom: Dallas, TX – 10/16/15

South Side Ballroom had quite the show this past Friday. The venue was packed with teen girls, all of whom were very eager to see PVRIS, ISSUES, and BRING ME THE HORIZON.


PVRIS kicked off the show that evening. Every time I see them I’m amazed how consistent their set is. You know you’re going to see a solid set any time they play. Lynn Young has a lovely voice, and is a wonderful live performer. The rest of the band feeds off of the crowd’s energy, and  the result was a fun set that was well received.


Next up was ISSUES. Truthfully? They’re a combination of the worst parts of R&B and Metalcore. Their live show is only fun to witness if you’re a 13-16 year old girl with a surplus of estrogen.


Finally, BRING ME THE HORIZON took the stage. It’s weird seeing them play to such a large, young crowd. I’ve been listening to them for several years and still think of them as that young, mildly awful metalcore band from across the pond.


With the release of their last record, That’s the Spirit they’re working on shedding that image. Instead, they’re replacing it with a more “mature” pop/electronic vibe.


Their set was gorgeous, and the lighting display was absolutely fantastic. The band themselves looked like they were focused, but having fun. The crowd ate it up. The downside of having such a young audience is that they’re more cautious about following instructions for a circle pit or a wall of death. The upside? Their energy is limitless.

All in all, this is a well put together bill. And if you’re a young girl, or feel like jamming out your Hot Topic kid feelings, make sure to catch one of the remaining tour dates.



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