Coheed And Cambria – The Color Before The Sun


In the music industry, there are very few bands that have the unique ability to get to your expectations, pick them up, and boost them to infinity. COHEED AND CAMBRIA are a very good example of what I mean here. I’ve known of them for many years but I never had the chance to see them live because I preferred to see “heavier” shows with “brutal” bands. It was the summer of 2012 when British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN announced a set of tour dates in the United States and brought COHEED AND CAMBRIA out to warm up the crowd that was about to surrender to the beast.

After hearing “Welcome Home” that same night, I was anxious to find out more about COHEED AND CAMBRIA, thinking “Who’s the lead singer hiding behind that hair?” I was intrigued seeing that they were part of tours with bands like SLIPKNOT, HEAVEN AND HELL and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. To date, I’m still not quite sure how a progressive rock band has managed to be so popular among many metalheads to make a good compliment for the kind of music we listen to. Claudio Sanchez’ voice does not exactly scare people away, but it turns out to be an excellent fit for the vibe that his band knows how to do well.

They have recently released their eighth studio album The Color Before the Sun (out now, 300 Entertaiment), and it’s mainly characterized for being the first non-conceptual album that the band has ever released (it DOES feel like it’s a conceptual album if the songs are merged during the playthrough). Band members Claudio Sanchez (vocals, guitar), Travis Stever (guitar), Josh Eppard (drums, percussion) and Zach Cooper (bass) created a 47-minute long extraordinary journey that I would like to politely invite you to enjoy through this entire record.

Starting this release, “Island” is a solid rock song with a good introduction and enough dynamism to get you in the mood for something different. “Eraser” basically offers the same environment, but with a little more tunes to dance with. “Here To Mars” is one of my favorite songs from the album, the chorus is composed of some really powerful words! “Ghost” offers a more relaxing environment with the magic of an acoustic guitar and zero worries. “Atlas” is another example of how great musicians form COHEED AND CAMBRIA, it’s a long song with ups and downs synchronized perfectly into something that you’ll most likely play over and over again.

“Young Love” is an ok song, not my favorite type but the band’s “extra sauce” makes it fit just well. “You Got Spirit, Kid” is another absolutely amazing song, great enough to boost yourself up and turn a shitty day into a better one, the chorus is a great one to sing along as well. Tracks like “The Audience” and “Peace to the Mountain” are two six-minute long songs with different tempos and sounds, more of what COHEED is made of and proof that The Color Before the Sun is worth picking up.

It’s been more than three years since I had the opportunity to see these guys perform, and I’ve only seen them twice. Most of my music library is metal-related but I would never consider this band as a guilty pleasure. The Color Before the Sun has proved to be a very enjoyable album, simply because the four talented musicians behind all this work know exactly why they’re waking up our inner children to see the bright things of life, to take us to the outer space, to help us recover our spirit, and to finally reach peace at least during one song. It’s pure magic. I definitely recommend you pick this great album up and to support COHEED AND CAMBRIA. Their music is for all kinds of people and it’s a good introduction for anybody to go see them live.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Island”, “Here To Mars”, “Atlas”, “You Got Spirit, Kid”

RATING:  9/10


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