Abigail Williams – The Accuser


ABIGAIL WILLIAMS have returned with The Accuser, their fourth full-length record via extreme metal staple Candlelight Records. Having replaced three of five band members for the album the band still managers to deliver a forty-five minute audio assault of pure American black metal on the ears of those brave enough to listen.

Album opener “Path of Broken Glass” really starts the album off strong and sets the pace for the rest of the disc. Between the constant blast beats of new drummer Charlie Fell and the guitars provided by the rest of the band the track is all over the place but not in a bad way. There are multiple time signature changes that add to the overall flow of the song and it even stops for a brief second before picking right back up into it. The lyrics of vocalist and founding member Ken Sorceron are far from intelligible and the guitars are tuned extremely low but it really just adds to the overall intensity and mystique of the album.

The band slows it down a bit with “The Cold Lines” which happens to be the shortest song on the album, clocking in under four minutes. Layered between the distorted guitar is a beautiful symphonic riff which, along with the little amount of vocals in the song, helps set it apart from the other tracks. Following the slow dark feel of the song, the band rips right into the longest track “Of the Outer Darkness” and continues beating the ear drums with their sonic assault of black metal done right. It seems the band woke up and realized that their previous efforts were sub-par and they needed to release something so dirty and fast that it would reinvigorate both them and the fan base at the same time.

I was pleasantly surprised when things transitioned into a very spacey opening riff on “Will, Wish and Desire” and then moved into a wonderfully well-written slower track with a classic rock-style guitar solo at around the 2:30 mark of the song which fits quite nicely with the album. The track stays slow throughout and it’s a great halfway piece for the record allowing the band to focus more on songwriting instead of noting but blast beats and insanely fast riffs.

Of course a band like ABIGAIL WILLIAMS wont stay slow for long and turns it right back around with tracks “Godhead”, Forever Kingdom of Dirt”, and “Lost Communion” before shifting gears one last time for closer “Nuummite”, Overall this is a fucking great return to form for the band and hopefully the last of numerous lineup changes for them. The Accuser is out now, although it may not be easily found at some retailers. Chances are it can be ordered from your local independent record store.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Path of Broken Glass”, “Will, Wish and Desire”, “Godhead”



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