Voices Of Ruin – Born From The Dark


A good friend of mine named Charles recently turned me on to this Melodic Death Metal band called VOICES OF RUIN, and their self-released album Born From the Dark. This is a group that will fit right alongside MERCENARY and others of that ilk in your collection. Slicing guitars, punching bass, and rock’em sock’em drums combined with harsh growls make this one to jam to repeatedly. Right away the one-two punch of “The Awakening” and “Scars (Of My Sanity)” set the tone for what’s to come, and that is a non-stop pummeling mixed with a healthy dose of duelling leads and shred.

There are several songs on this record that clock in over six minutes, not that this is a bad thing. The guitar intricacies alone will keep your attention besides the fact that they all have some serious kick to them. The first one “The Black Horizon” was an album favorite right away. It is followed by “A Ghost Inside” which is one of the dirtier tracks, especially on vocals. Pairing this with classic metal guitars is practically a stroke of genius. “Death’s Design” has a mellower intro and then all Hell breaks loose and you’re ducking for cover as the barrage ensues!

And then, in a complete and total shift of the gears along comes “Fallen”. On this number everyone, the band and the singer reach a zenith, the top of the pyramid, and the ensuing greatness will just wash over you for all six minutes. Another instant favorite is the epic “Exiled…Into Darkness”. Trust me when I tell you that for 7:40 you won’t know what hit you, or which direction the head and body blows are coming from. The dizzying guitar work complements the rhythm section and their “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” mentality perfectly, and the vocals are junkyard-dog vicious. At the three minute mark the guitars simply soar, cementing this one as THE pick of the disc!

Closing the disc is “Blacked Out” which opens with drums and a slick bass intro then everyone comes to play for keeps. THIS is the most melodic of the eight tracks, but never once does it lose an ounce of viciousness. In fact, the more I listen to it the more I think it would be a crime not to play this one live, and/or close shows with it. When these guys are on, they’re ON. Bottom line is this: VOICES OF RUIN are an excellent, excellent new band. And if you’re a fan of Melodic Death Metal then Born From the Dark is an absolute must-have for your collection. It’s out now, so you have no excuses. Go get it!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Blacked Out”, Exiled…Into Darkness”, “The Black Horizon”, “Fallen”

RATING: 9/10

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