Voodoo Circle – Whisky Fingers


When you first hear VOODOO CIRCLE, it’s easy to quickly write them off as not much more than a WHITESNAKE clone. If you do that, however, you sell them short and cheat yourself of a musical experience that brings to mind the best blues rock of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Whisky Fingers, the new release, IS very evocative of the period of WHITESNAKE’s discography when they were slowly moving from the soulful and passionate rock of the late 1970’s into the hair metal phase of the band, but it also has its own sound that peeks through on occasion and catches you by surprise.

Much of the album is pure classic rock gold, paying tribute to greats including the aforementioned WHITESNAKE, RAINBOW, and DEEP PURPLE – David Readman channels his inner Coverdale like never before, especially when he unleashes the gritty screams that he’s become noted for in VOODOO CIRCLE. He really shines, however, when his own unique sound breaks through and takes over, such as on “The Day the Walls Came Down” and “Devil Takes Me Down”. I’d love to hear more of him singing like this on future albums.

Alex Beyrodt, the mastermind behind the band, plays like the second coming of John Sykes much of the time, but also brings a fresh AOR sound to parts of some of the songs in a nice departure from the blues rock sound of much of the album. His solos are amazing – deep and soulful, but he also brings some shreddy goodness from the present day that fits perfectly and just feels right. Mat Sinner brings solid and consistent bass playing, and Francesco Jovino’s drumming is perfect. Alessandro Del Vecchio’s synth playing is a real highlight of this album, pulling organ and piano sounds straight out of the past to the present day.

This is really a great album with few weak moments. They’re an amazing talented supergroup that fits well together, and when the unique sound of the band shines through, it’s golden. If you’re a fan of the blues rock of the late 1970’s, you’re going to love this and the rest of VOODOO CIRCLE’s discography. If not, give it a try – there’s enough crossover appeal in the songs to attract a wide variety of listeners.


RATING: 9.5/10


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