Third Sovereign – Perversion Swallowing Sanity


THIRD SOVEREIGN, THIRD SOVEREIGN, THIRD SOVEREIGN!!! It has been damn near a decade since India’s own Death Metal legends released their classic Destined to Suffer, and that is FAR too long. Perversion Swallowing Sanity (out January 15 via Transcending Obscurity India) is quite frankly one of those rare, special records that you feel as well as hear. I’ve had this disc a couple of weeks and it still caves my head in with each listen. This is how it’s done. Drums that kick like a mule, dirty, bloody riffs, mucus-thick bass lines, and vocals that cut you in two; these are the ingredients that make up this nasty stew, which any fan will gladly dive into head first.

As soon as the starting flag drops the band goes nuts with “Sakei Ai Hia – Grave of Humanity”, vocalist Vedant marking his territory everywhere and anywhere. Dummer Reuben beats the shit out of you, which isn’t surprising when you know what this band is capable of, and his partner in crime Jonah (bass) leaves his syrupy fingerprints all over this one as well as all the others. The guitar work of Benjamin is tasty as fuck, especially on “Sarcophaga”. This is a song he not only owns, but makes his prison bitch, so it’s obviously my favorite. “Living This Hate” is total aggressive pummeling, driving nails into your skull, laughing maniacally.

Picture a thousand slaps in the face and that’s what you get with “Slaughtered Mankind.” The tune goes hard in the paint, leaving devastation in its wake. The riffs of “Devolution of Morality” are tasty as fuck, and when the whole band converges it tastes even better. For a change of pace, “Spawned With Guilt” has a more deliberate, mid-tempo groove, but the band is still on 10, not letting up on the intensity for one second. “Holocaust of Preaching” is another choice cut on an album full of them, especially during the guitar solo. This band knows how to write songs; songs that will stick to you for days, even weeks at a time.

Chugging riffs permeate “Dark Black”, another killer, (A&GS invites you to listen to an exclusive premiere of the track HERE) along with some feisty stop-n-go tempos, and closer “Burnt Epitome” wraps things up perfectly with some more direct aggression and fury. So let’s review: killer guitars? Check. Brutal drums and bass? Check. A vocalist who sounds ready to eat your fucking face off? CHECK! Take all that and you have what is without question going to be one of my favorite Death Metal albums of 2016. What a way to kick off the year. THIRD SOVEREIGN really nailed it with Perversion Swallowing Sanity. Pick this one up on January 15. I guarantee you won’t be sorry.


RATING: 10/10

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