Failure Anthem – First World Problems


There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of radio rock/alternative rock/call them what you will bands out there. Most of them irritate the shit out of me, not just because their music is generic as all get out, but their fan bases usually consist of annoying Starbucks-drinking, Uggs and scarf-wearing white girls who “can’t even right now.” Yuck!! I had given up on finding that band who straddled the line between heartfelt lyrics/music and accessibility. The band who you could sing along with while not cringing over the fact that all their songs would slay at radio. Well, I need look no further. FAILURE ANTHEM have arrived and they are fucking awesome! Their debut album First World Problems is out now on Razor & Tie and it is AMAHHHZING!!

The songs are so well-put together I stopped in my tracks several times during my first listen last Friday while at work, and I have been playing the record a minimum of once a day since then. THIS is a band that’s going places, you mark my words. The title track opener is an in-your-face anthem while “The Ghost Inside” takes a more slow and deliberate approach with some sequencing going on to add flavor. Single “Paralyzed” sounds like it was lifted from 1998, but in a good way. There were a few bands back then who were actually good. FUEL comes to mind when I hear it. A lil bit…lil bit.

But the real gem of the record comes in the form of ballad and potential candidate for The Maestro’s Song of the Year in “Here For Good”. Fuck, I love this song!! I can’t move forward without playing it at least three times. It does everything a great song is supposed to: make your heart catch in your throat at not only the lyrics, but the vocal delivery and the big as life hook while you think of that special someone. This is the tune that will probably define a lot of budding relationships in 2016, it’s simply perfect. Mid-tempo melodic/heavy number “Just a Wasteland” follows. This could also be a monster hit.

Another one I absolutely fell in love with was “3am”. Sadly, many of us guys have been caught dead to rights in places we had no business being, and with people we had no business being with by our significant others. I’m no exception. There comes a time when you realize how much you’ve hurt someone and this song captures that essence perfectly. “Carousel” is a piano-driven duet featuring a female singer with a gorgeous voice, and when they harmonize it’s dark and haunting. As far as potential singles go, whether it’s back then or now, “Savannah” should be released ASAP, because it’s an asskicker with a killer chorus, a throwback vibe, and an uplifting message.

The programming comes back to lend some ambience to rocker “One Step At a Time” and closer “I Won’t Say Goodbye.” Both songs showcase all the band’s strengths. Quite honestly FAILURE ANTHEM are a group to get excited about, and this debut First World Problems is something every modern rock fan should add to their collection. Bands like this don’t come along often, so get to know this one soon.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Here For Good”, “3am”, “Savannah”, “First World Problems”, “Just a Wasteland”

RATING: 9.2/10

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