Halcyon Way Conquers the TLA!! – Philadelphia, PA


Welcome to the first of two parts talking about an incredible night I recently had. I hadn’t been out to a show in over two months, and for this guy that is WAAAAAY too long. So what better way to remedy that than with a night of powerful, heavy, and progressive metal served up by none other than HALCYON WAY and QUEENSRŸCHE live at Theater of the Living Arts in Philly, right?


As an added bonus I managed to score an interview with Jon Bodan and Steve Braun of HALCYON WAY after their set (that one is coming soon, so DON’T miss it!!). This meant I had to miss MEYTAL, but oh well. Hanging with these guys was much better. We laughed…a lot. Anyways, onto their show. This was the band’s first visit to Philly and they were met with the usual cold, hard stares and folded arms of the fans here. But they definitely won a lot of people over. This was evidenced by the arms raised high with horns at the end of them from a dozen or so patrons.


Opening with title track “Conquer” from the 2014 release the Atlanta quintet made up of vocalist Steve, guitarists Jon and Max Eve, bassist Skyler Moore, and drummer Ernie Topran came out like men possessed. Braun being a NJ native knows how tough our crowds can be and I think he and the guys made it a point to swing their metal bats just a bit harder than normal. As I looked around me I could see a head bobbing, then another, and then another, and so on. The magic was working.


“Save Your Tears” was next and the group was clicking on all fronts. Reaching back to the IndoctriNation EP, out came “On Black Wings”, one of their heavier songs featuring death growls courtesy of Bodan and Moore. It was ack to the newest record for one of my favorites “Hatred Is My Cause” before the Building the Towers album made an appearance with “Desecration Day”. This gave way to closer and arguably my biggest favorite in “Home”. The harmonies in the band are always great but on this one they’re truly something else! Long after the show was over and for most of the next day that chorus was in my head on a loop.


HALCYON WAY is such an amazing band that the term “up and coming” doesn’t do them justice. After seeing them live it actually pisses me off they’re not bigger than they are. I am proud to call these guys friends, and no one was happier than me standing by their merch table hearing person after person after person saying, “OMIGOD! You guys were awesome!!’,  “Wait…wasn’t that you up there? Your voice is amazing!!” and “I want a T-shirt and a CD, please”. Larger things are on the horizon for this band, mark my words. Be sure to check out our interview for some more tidbits, and by all means, GO see the guys live, so you can tell your friends exactly what it is they’re missing!!



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