DORO NEWHere’s the thing with DORO…you can hear her excitement when she speaks during a phone interview, and you can SEE it in her eyes when she’s onstage. Just before the Monsters of Rock Cruise I had the chance to speak with The Metal Queen. In between my heart palpitations I managed to stammer out some questions about what’s going on in the land of DORO. Check it:

Amps: I can’t wait to see you in NY on March 4th!!

DORO: Yeah, I know it’s gonna be great. Any special songs you want to hear?

Amps: “Love Me In Black” and of course, “Earthshaker Rock” for Mini-Amps.

DORO: Just in case they’re not in the set, scream them out. I know how much he loves “Earthshaker”!

p4340923_158938901_3Amps: You tour like crazy and you’re always on the go-go-GO! After that, do you take some time off or is it back to the studio?`

DORO: We’re in the middle of writing a new record and we have a couple of songs already and I started writing with my old friend Joey Balin again. We did the Triumph and Agony album and we have two songs in the making which I think are killer and we have more songs in the making and I was in the studio with the band and we have some killer stUff. I hope it will be released next year! The first single from the new record is coming out in April. I couldn’t wait anymore. I was like, “It’s magic, let’s put it out!” It’s called “Love’s Gone to Hell” and it comes out April 1.

Later on in June the DVD will come out for the 30-year anniversary and there’s all kinds of celebrations and there are many guests that you know. It’s called 30 Years Strong and Proud.

Amps: Whether you play to 200,000 at Wacken Open Air or to 200 at a club in New York it’s always the same powerhouse show. Nobody out there can do it like you do.

p313447076-3DORO: It goes without saying I live for the fans, I always have. It’s what’s keeping me alive, I love making people happy. I couldn’t do it any other way. It doesn’t matter, the intensity when one person looks at you and you think, “Man, they’re feeling something and I can touch their heart.” Man, that’s big, you know? It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 or 100,000 people. There’s something very intense about sweating in front of the crowd and having them sweat all over you! You don’t get that in the big festivals because of the barricades and photo pit. I like the fans very up close! Every gig is a great rock and roll show, it doesn’t matter how big the crowd is, or if the system is good, you know?

Amps: When you do a show and you see people out there who know every single word to your newest album, and we’re singing every fucking word back to you, how does that feel?

DORO PURPLE BORDER. LOVE!!DORO: It feels awesome! It feels fucking great! And sometimes people call out songs from bands I was in before WARLOCK and I can’t believe they know those songs. But i guess with the internet they’re floating around. I love it, I love it. I have a longer attention span than people who listen to “normal” music, I guess. I think the metalheads are more loyal, and have more staying power. They love the music, they have more loyalty, and are more interested in what’s going on. I love that, I love that, I think that’s good. It’s not so anonymous when it comes to metal. I need to have that deep connection to the fans, you know?

Amps: As long as you’ve been doing this, how the HELL do you put a setlist together? That must be tough, no?

DORO: It IS tough. Sometimes we do it together with the fans and I tell you, every country has different favorite songs and favorite records. So we do a different setlist everywhere we go, each night. Whatever the crowd feels like, whether they want more of the anthems or the ballads, I try to make sure they get them. The encores are always changing, and I always ask people to shout out what they wanna hear! That is sometimes VERY interesting because songs come up and I think “Oh yeah! That’s a good one!” and it’s perfect for that night, you know? Other times I think, “Man, I wouldn’t have thought of that song but it fits great right now!” And when I see that the person who called it out is so happy it makes me feel so good. We’re doing something together, band and audience becomes one.

To be honest, one time we played “All We Are” FOUR times in the set! People wanted to hear it over and over. I looked at my band and we were like, “Again??” and the people were going crazy! This tour we really want to play all the old WARLOCK classics for our fans.

Amps: Last tour you did “Evil” and “Out of Control”. Are you gonna dust off some more classics like that this time around?

Doro Live 2DORO: yeah, yeah, absolutely! Would you like to hear “Out of Control”? (Amps roars with enthusiasm!) Then let’s do it! just in case it’s not in the set shout it out, OK? The guys love to play that song, and I do, too. I remember doing the interview with you last year at Trees Dallas after the show, yeah. That was so much fun and I’ll be so happy to see you again! That Dallas show was amazing, and Clint the owner was so supportive and took great care of us. That whole Texas run was great for us.

Amps: What would you like to say to all the DORO fans in the world?

DORO: Thank you so much for all these years of support and loyalty. `I’m totally dedicated to all of you, this is my whole life, and I’m proud to be part of your metal community. I wish everybody the best, and keep metal alive! I hope I see you all soon!

Amps: Say something to Mini-Amps, like you always do.

DORO: Hey Corey, this is DORO and I hope you’re doing good, and I hope you’re staying metal and happy. I wish you all the best and I hope to meet you one day. Keep rocking with your dad, OK? Big love, big hugs from DORO!!


As many of you know Mini-Amps (Corey) has autism and is non-verbal. Every single time I speak to DORO the first words out of her mouth are always to ask how he’s doing. And the last thing she does is record a special message for him. When I play the recording his eyes and smile light up the sky. He knows she is speaking to him, and that look on his face makes Dad beam. DORO is truly a class act, and the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out. I will forever fly the flag for her, and A&GS will always, and I do mean ALWAYS support whatever she does, album and tour-wise. Get your tickets HERE for this U.S. run, willya? And if you’re at the Revolution Bar and Music Hall show on March 4, come have a beer with me!!


  1. I just saw Doro in concert at The Haven in Orlando, Florida on February 28, 2016. I was surprised she played such a small venue and wondered how she felt about playing to 100-200 people. Her response is right here in the interview! Very cool. Doro really is a class act. So responsive to the crowd. She gives everything she’s got. Much love to Doro for keeping the Metal flames burning. Here is a link to some photos I took at the concert:

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