Omnihility – Dominion Of Misery


It’s been an awesome weekend here at A&GS HQ so to wrap things up I thought I’d give y’all a lil Death Metal to stew over. OMNIHILITY’S new record Dominion of Misery was just released by Unique Leader Records and it definitely hits hard and fast. I love Technical Death Metal…it drives something within me, and makes me want to smash things. After a waaaaaay-too long intro this album gets right down to the business of fucking shit up. “Psychotic Annihilation” should have heads reeling and spinning in appreciation, and rightfully so. “Immaculate Deception” starts off slow, then brings the hammer down hard. Blast beats abound for “Dementia Praecox”, a song that quite simply shreds everything in its path, making this an instant favorite.

“Dead Eden” is an absolute motherfucker of a song, cutting you down with razor-sharp riffs and beats while also beating your ass. And then out of nowhere “Within Shadows” shows up, all acoustic, gorgeous, and moody. This one really set me on my ear and is a great way to break up the disc. So where do we go from here? Glad you asked…”Reflections In Blood” is a wrecking ball from start to finish, never letting up for one second, and “Parasitic Existence” is an exercise in melodic brutality. The tune pummels where it should, but the band members manage to be technical and heavy in all the right places, really shining in their respective roles, and making this another favorite for me. And the guitar solo is STUPIDLY good, too!!

“Necrotic, Consumption, Obsession” is pretty standard fare. It’s neither great nor horrible. I have no issues with this one per se, but it’s definitely something I feel like I’ve heard before. The band performs well, and I’m sure this one will go over very well in a live setting. Closing the disc is instrumental “The Meaning of Misery”. Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about! Slow, dark, and stalker-like, the song will have you looking over your shoulder long after it ends, and is the perfect way to end things.

Overall I think the boys in OMNIHILITY have done a good job with Dominion of Misery. And while it didn’t exactly set my senses on fire I definitely feel that there is much potential for these guys. They can be fast and heavy, or dark and moody at the drop of a hat, which is something I think can work for them in future. More than anything, what I took away from this album was the drumming of Steve Crum. He’s an excellent player and I guarantee he will only make his bandmates better as time goes on. If you want some killer tech death in your life then get some OMNIHILITY in you. I’m pretty sure you maniacs will dig it!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Parasitic Existence”, “Dementia Praecox”, “Reflections In Blood”, “Psychotic Annihilation”, “The Meaning of Misery”

RATING: 8/10

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