Omophagia – In The Name Of Chaos


Swiss Death Metal band OMOPHAGIA will return to rain brutality upon the masses with sophomore effort In the Name of Chaos on April 15 via Unique leader Records. I never heard the debut, 2011’s Guilt By Nescience, but 99.999% of the time when a band is on this label I know I’m gonna love them. The group is technically proficient, but never once do they let up in their assault to veer into wankery. The name relates to the consumption of raw flesh and a lot of the music here sounds like it could rip meat from bone in a heartbeat, starting with opener “Willing Whore.”

The deep-growled vocals suit the drums that blast everything in sight and the sawblade guitar riffs that cut you to pieces. However, the dual harmonized solos that show up at the three minute mark show there’s way more to this band than just slicing and dicing you to death, although that is clearly the mission. “Man Machine” is a thorough asskicking from start to finish, and “Until the Sky Turns Red” is the sonic equivalent of death by a thousand cuts. Both are two of the album’s best tracks and warrant repeat listens.

More pummeling ensues with “The Leader”, which also has some killer drum work and rapid fire bass driving the deathmobile. This was another instant winner for yours truly. A brief respite is provided with the acoustic interlude “Despair,” breaking up the album and giving us a minute to pick ourselves up off the floor before “The Dominant” knocks us back down, raining punches and kicks across our battered bodies. This is the kind of song that makes me want to bite someone’s face off and wash the pieces down with an ice cold beer. Yeah, yeah I have problems, I know. The solo on this one is an absolute rager as well, making this the absolute album favorite.

“Love Song” is not at all what you’d expect as it is simply more of the aforementioned brutality and heaviness, and not some sickeningly sweet nonsense. The sound of a vintage typewriter opens “Down We Fall” featuring a hellacious riff not for the weak. Jeezus, this band just keeps delivering; eight tracks in and not a bad one yet. “Wheel In the Engine” is the last proper song on the disc and swings the pipe wrench into our skulls one last time leaving a big ol’ dent and brains everywhere. The two-minute “Instramentalized” closes things out with just the right amount of melody to go with all the earlier nastiness.

In the Name of Chaos is a great record from OMOPHAGIA. They find that perfect balance between the punishing and the technical, showing they are fully adept at both. With this much talent there’s nowhere this band can’t go and this is one album that won’t be leaving my player anytime soon. I highly recommend checking them out as soon as you can. Longtime death metal fans will love it, and if you’re new to the genre this is a perfect gateway drug.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Dominant”, “The Leader”, “Man Machine”, “Until the Sky Turns Red”

RATING: 9.2/10

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