Murder Made God – Enslaved


Honk if you love some Brutal Death Metal!! Now honk twice if you’re on the lookout for a new band to knock your teeth out and slam your head into a wall! If you honked then ladies and gentlemen I give you MURDER MADE GOD from Greece and their new album Enslaved (out now, Comatose Music). Formerly known as HUMAN REJECTION, the band spent 2015 writing the follow-up to their 2013 debut Irreverence and what they’ve come up with is ten tracks of no-bullshit brutal death metal. There’s no stupid intro and no silly posturing. There is just gut-punching riffs, blast beats from Hell, and a band that pounds from start to finish. And that is really all you need, no?

Right from the start, “Victims”, title track “Enslaved”, and “The Titan, The Fighter, and the Thief” show that these guys are all business and there is ZERO fucking around. To be honest, all I could picture when this record started was someone swinging a baseball bat with nails on the end like Peter Weller in Of Unknown Origin (most of you won’t get that, but it’s OK), putting holes in walls and breaking windows. “A Morbid Institution” has some dissonant guitar tones that WILL get your attention, not unlike when fire ants make their way up your leg on a hot Texas day after you’ve stepped somewhere stupid.

“Depression”, “Assassinés!”, and “The Irony of Faith” swing the wrecking ball the way you’d expect, and they show a Cobra Kai-level of mercy, which is obviously none. A song like “Subject 666” would of course garner my attention not only because of the title but also due to its correlation with my first name. It’s “Urban Warfare” next, which leads us to album closer “Involuntary Servitude”. Both of these songs are loaded with busy drum work to go alongside the riffage and grooves, with the latter being especially pummeling.

Enslaved is a very good record from a very good Death Metal band. MURDER MADE GOD has all the right tools to be a major player in their genre. The only knock I can possibly come up with is maybe some of the songs are a bit too similar. Over the course of a full album that can get a little mundane. But hey, they’re still young, and for the most part finding their way. Regardless, I am very, very curious to see what the future holds for this band.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Victims”, “A Morbid Institution, “Subject 666”, “Involuntary Servitude”

RATING: 8.5/10

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