The Used And The New Regime Live At House Of Blues Dallas!! – 4/16/16


“My God,” I thought, “This man has music sewn into his soul.” That was my first reaction when I saw Ilan Rubin of THE NEW REGIME play this past Saturday at House of Blues Dallas. Not only was he a pleasure to speak with, but he’s highly talented. Everything with THE NEW REGIME flows beautifully. The bass, guitar, drums, and vocals all fit together like they were made for each other, and knowing Rubin that’s exactly the point. If you’re into REIGNWOLF, BLACK PISTOL FIRE, or just wanting a set of most excellent jams in your day, look no further.

TNR (1)

The music itself was great, but then the stage presence of everyone involved was fantastic. It wasn’t overwhelming, wasn’t “Look at me!”. It suited the music being played, and helped to accentuate its natural beauty and rock ‘n roll. Also, the stage banter aimed at someone texting, “Are you sending dick pics? Don’t do that.” was a nice touch.  I’m quite excited to see them again next time they come into town, and you should check them out so that you may feel the same.


Now for THE USED…I’m not sure words quite do their set justice. Not only were they playing two albums in their entirety on two different nights, but they blew me away with their command of the stage and fan participation. As a side note, their stage production itself was phenomenal. They had a gorgeous set construction, along with a pulsating heart that glowed in time to the beat. Everyone in the band played their part wonderfully, and Burt McCracken was an absolute fireball on the stage. This also transferred into his interaction with one audience member, “Who the fuck are you texting?…. Alright, you know what, you can stick your phone up your ass.”


The other audience members? They cheered in agreement. For this album, this night, wasn’t just about you. It was about something bigger. This was one of the few shows I’ve witnessed where I’ve been lucky enough to see the power that music has over people. How it can not only help shape them as individuals, but also bind them into a community. If I had the chance? I would do the whole show over and over again.



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