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Sometimes you just need some old school Thrash Metal in your life, and what better way to get it than with the brand new DESTRUCTION record Under Attack, out now on Nuclear Blast Records? Come on, you know what you’re in for when you pop in one of these, right? A healthy dose of angry vocals, speedy riffs, and violent drums spilling blood all over the place, that’s what. Never ones to embrace trends or compromise who they are, the German thrashers return with album number fourteen and I have to say it’s one of the better offerings from a veteran band I’ve heard. Vocalist/bassist Schmier has lost NONE of that fire in his belly, guitarist Mike Sifringer’s axe blades are sharp and ready, and drummer Vaaver is bashing away like he’s pounding on the skulls of the fallen.

Truth be told, I’m a bit biased toward this album, and not because I’m some DESTRUCTION-worshipping fanboy. I received an advance copy a while ago and have been steady rockin’ to it in the car and at work, right? But never once did I have Mini-Amps with me until yesterday. And he just went nuts to it while we were out running errands. He shook the car like a madman while I was pumping gas during “Pathogenic” and he really enjoyed himself during “Getting Used to Evil” earning smiles and drawing waves from other patrons. And when that happens it makes the listening experience that much better for me, proud papa of a young metalhead.

Other songs that have been in heavy rotation on my work playlists include the opener “Under Attack”, “Elegant Pigs”, and “Second to None”, a tune aimed at all the mean-spirited people who hide behind their keyboards and attack everything and everyone on social media. It’s a great message and one that should resonate with anyone who’s ever been picked on for putting themselves out there and/or being different. You can hear in Schmier’s vocal delivery that this is something he’s passionate about, and it truly gives the song something extra. Another one I loved right away was “Stand Up For What You Deliver.” The riffs, tempo, and overall structure show exactly what this band is capable of in 2016, which is kicking the shit out of everyone in their way!

“Dethroned” is a ripper firmly rooted in the old days when Thrash was king, and “Conductor of the Void” has one of the more unique grooves on the disc. The songs couldn’t be more different sonically, but they both sound like DESTRUCTION and that’s a wonderful thing. Speed and power are particularly prevalent on “Generation Nevermore”, and it never lets up for its full four minutes. Closer “Stigmatized’ has some more searing guitar riffs and the whole band is off to the races, ending things the right way, with a collective foot up yer ass!! All told Under Attack is a fucking great Thrash album, one that should please longtime fans as well as newcomers. Get yours today and go nuts. Mini-Amps and I sure did!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Stand Up For What You Deliver”, Second to None”, “Getting Used to Evil”, “Generation Nevermore”, “Conductor of the Void”

RATING: 9/10

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