YÜTH FOREVER – Skeleton Youth Forever


I’m so glad I accidentally found the YÜTH FOREVER boys when I clicked the wrong link on my Facebook feed a few years ago. At this point in their career, they’re much like a fine wine in that, they seem to get better with age. Skeleton Youth Forever (June 3, Prosthetic Records) is the third full length/second label backed release from these down-tempo sad boys and there’s something starkly different about this one. I was a little uneasy about it at first, but it seems like they’ve decided to expand their musical horizons to a more upbeat feel in some of the songs.

Now, don’t mistake upbeat for happy, because that’s certainly not what’s presented in this album. Think dark and creepy musicianship, but you can still dance to it. It’s so strange but I love it; never in my life did I think I would hear heavy music I can boogie AND mosh to. It’s an unexpected, but welcome evolution for this band, and it really allows for a whole new facet of their music to show its face, especially in the underlying production touches throughout the album, such as the almost carnival-esque keys and chants underneath some of the crushing breakdowns.

YÜTH FOREVER have always had a bit of a thing for digital beats and electronic music that they used in previous releases but again, it takes on a whole new identity here with the addition of songs like “Suicidal Pistol Grip Pump”, a violent self-loathing rap track that’s actually really fucking cool. I don’t really mind rap music for the most part, so this song was a super welcome addition to the sonic landscape of this release. It seems like anything these guys try to pull off turns into alternative sad boy gold.

So, the production is top notch, songwriting is crazy good, and it’s overall a very interesting album, but there’s something more here… There’s something terrifying that’s right out in the open…Personification.

Let me elaborate; In “The Song I Wrote For You” the lyrics go on to describe someone who “isn’t real” which I believe pertains to depression (as far as I interpret it). Throughout the song, he gives the condition a face. He gives it writhing limbs. He damn near gives it feeling. That, to me, is soul shaking. To slip into the mentality that whatever is making you sick actually lives and breathes inside of you is not fun and, while doing that isn’t exactly a fucking party, I think it’s important to experience. Any album that’s going to sit there and push my mental state on such a treacherous journey, is one worth having around. Thanks YÜTH FOREVER for another insanely solid release.


RATING: 10/10


2 comments to “YÜTH FOREVER – Skeleton Youth Forever”
2 comments to “YÜTH FOREVER – Skeleton Youth Forever”

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