Deceptionist – Initializing Irreversible Process

DECEPTIONIST 2016 cover!!

I have been anxiously awaiting the debut full-length from Italy’s DECEPTIONIST since my good friend Tito first turned me onto their three-song demo The Beginning in late 2014. I knew from the very first minute that they would become one of my favorite Technical Death Metal bands alongside fellow countrymen HIDEOUS DIVINITY and Poland’s DEIVOS. And as soon as I heard they were signed to Unique Leader Records early last year I damn near exploded! Far and away my favorite extreme metal label, I knew things were really taking off, culminating in the release of Initializing Irreversible Process, out today.

So, how is it? It’s everything I could have wanted and more. The three songs from the last CD are all here with “Through the Veil” (featuring a guest vocal from HIDEOUS DIVINITY’S Enrico H. Di Lorenzo), “When Humans Began to Be Machines” (STILL my favorite song!), and “Sunshine” spread across the album. I’ve played these tracks so many times I lost count. As far as the new songs go, the band wastes no time getting all up in your kitchen and rearranging the pots and pans. The first of these is “Quest For Identity” a song that pummels, and along the way each member gets his chance to shine without overdoing it on the technical side.

Andrea Di Traglia’s vocals rip right through you, and the guitar duo of Fabio Bartoletti and Antonio Poletti is razor-sharp. The drumming of Claudio Testini is once again top-notch, and the band utilized the bass talents of Stefano Franceschini (also from HIDEOUS DIVINITY) whose lines are smooth, fast, and high up in the mix where they should be. “Final Innovation – Automatic Time” has some nasty grooves and killer stops and starts, while “The Confession” builds upon a particular riff and then the boys just go to town. This was an immediate standout for me and I guarantee I won’t be alone in that respect. Not to mention it features the best guitar solo on the disc.

“Irreversible Process” bears down on you like a tornado, just destroying everything in its path as it devastates the countryside and it’s also got some serious mechanical elements. After all, the central theme of the record is a future where men and women will live only to serve their artificial masters. “Industrivolutionaction” is very interesting as it has a distinct FEAR FACTORY feel at times, which is fine by me since I love them. Closing the disc is ‘Operator Nr 3” another song that builds and builds before erupting like Mount Vesuvius all over the city of Pompeii below, spewing lava and volcanic ash everywhere.

All in all DECEPTIONIST have not only produced an amazing record, but they’ve also proven that they belong in the conversation about top Technical Death Metal acts with Initializing Irreversible Process. This band of rising stars is going nowhere but upwards and onwards and I for one am excited to see what happens for them the rest of 2016 and beyond. Run, don’t walk to wherever it is you buy your music and get this album in you posthaste!


RATING: 9.5/10

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