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From Hollywood, California and just beginning their US Tour, STITCHED UP HEART will be rocking the States from Minnesota to southern Texas. Likely playing several tracks from their just-released debut album Never Alone (Another Century), the Californians will be laying down their very unique sound on their fans and soon to be fans.  

Initiated by founder Mixi (who I just so happen to follow on Twitter), explains on their Facebook page why she formed the band: “When I formed this band I was depressed and going through heartbreak. The name [Stitched Up Heart] is supposed to give people strength and courage,”…….”You need to pick yourself up because nobody is going to do that for you. There are some sick people out there, but there is beauty in everyone – and you need to love yourself before you can stitch that heart back up.”

Finally Free” begins the LP with nice distorted bass in the track, and the lyrics are well done. Mixi does a nice job of clean vocals with great melody. It’s not heavy by any means, but there’s a nice driving home lyric of breaking loose of whatever chains were holding them back. Transitioning into a brief amount of death metal, “Monster” has some decent guitar work and dissonant vocals, but it doesn’t really launch as I think it could use a solo somewhere along the line.

“Catch Me When I Fall” seems a more diverse song, with good harmony, some fast and some very slow moments when the emotion needs to be emphasized. Resembling a GODSMACK tune “Event Horizon”, seems along that line. “It’s So Easy” picks up the pace a little bit and is more rock and roll. “I don’t give a damn about you, just read between the lines, it’s so easy, to walk away” to me expresses first hand heartbreak by someone who has just walked out without saying goodbye. A reference to the band founding?  And who hasn’t experienced that anyway?  

The title track “Never Alone” has synthesizer work and is a nice ballad. “Now That You’re Gone” starts out heavy, slows down and moves into some excellent rhythm guitar work. Mixi gives some excellent emotional lyrics on this effort. This is the best drum track to me as well. Next comes “Turn You On” which has a good mix with heavy and distorted musical work. It’s a bit odd with the back and forth slow and fast-paced sections. I think this would have been a better song if it was all fast pounding rock and roll.

Slowing it way down is “Bleeding Out,” obviously about the emotional trauma of being abused by spouse or significant other. It’s a very powerful song that tugs at the heart. “City of Angels” and “I Can’t Breathe” round off the album in typical STITCHED UP HEART fashion. Overall, Never Alone was well done with great vocals and nice production. The tracks, however, started to sound a bit repetitive after awhile. I don’t recall any solos in any of the songs, which I think would add a lot more depth and make them more interesting.   Salude’

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Never Alone”, “Now That You’re Gone”

RATING: 7/10


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