Riotous Indignation – Violentus Musicae


RIOTOUS INDIGNATION is a self-managed Chicago Hardcore/Thrash metal crossover band that was formed in 2015 by Mike Repel (author of The Music Industry Self Help Guide) and Bob Clayton, who were previous band mates in a metal project called INSTANT DECAY circa 2006-2008. Admittedly I knew nothing of the band when I agreed to give their debut EP Violentus Musicae consideration for review here in A&GS. I quickly found out that there is definitely something happening with these guys. The four songs here display a band that can sound at times like kickass-era SLAYER, and at others like a punk band doing a basement show in NYC where bodies go flying everywhere.

Leadoff track “The End” is the perfect example of that old SLAYER sound, hearkening back to the Golden Age of Thrash if you will, but with more of an emphasis on bludgeoning riffs than speed. “This World” has a very, very accurate for these times spoken word intro over the sounds of battle, and then the drums come in, followed by bass and a deep, growling guitar line. “Our Scene Our Way” is the shortest track at 1:29 and is in and out quicker than you can say Jack Rabbit Slim’s Dance Contest.

In stark contrast however, closer “Secret Societies” is an eight-minute epic with everything from evil laughter to Tuvan throat singing, and that’s before the tune even begins! The song is mid-tempo for a while, then it picks things up before coming back again. It’s certainly not dull. Overall I think these four songs are a good representation of what RIOTOUS INDIGNATION are all about. And while I liked a couple more than the others, I’m still curious enough to see and hear what they can do with a full-length record. Violentus Musicae was self-released by the guys, and is available now.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The End”, “Secret Societies”

RATING: 3.5/5

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