And Then She Came


A few months ago something fell into my lap that I immediately became excited about. And that something is AND THEN SHE CAME (mind out of the gutter, pervs!), a band that came together when bassist Frank Stumvoll was asked to do a soundtrack for a film. So, he enlisted his longtime friends S.C. Kuschnerus (drums) and Olli Singer (guitar) to help out. And then…and then…AND THEN SHE CAME!! Singer Ji-In Cho from KRYPTERIA came in to round out what was now a full-fledged band that started writing an album. They were ready and willing to rock the masses all the live long day, and their self-titled debut album (out now, DME Music) shows it.

The songs range from punch-in-the-face heavy (“Five Billion Lies” featuring Alyssa White-Gluz from ARCH ENEMY) to straight-up rockers, some of which have an industrial/electronic flair like “Public Enemy #1”. Either way, you’ll be bobbing your head and singing along, I guarantee it. “Why So Serious” was one of my favorites from jump, not only because it’s insanely catchy, but also because the message rings true right now in this day and age. I love this song, I really do. Next up is “Spit It Out”, a song that shows this band is NOT fucking around. It’s heavy, dirty, and raw, and boasts some guest guitar work from the one and only Jen Majura!!

‘Who’s Gonna Save You” is so very interesting because the lyrics are hard-hitting and right in tune with all the stupidity going on in the world today, and the tune is kind of funky. This is a great song any way you slice it. “Like a Hurricane’ is a broad, sweeping number that evokes images of someone standing on a cliff while singing away (possible video idea, perhaps?) First single “Hellfire Halo” is an all-out rockfest showing that this band is not to be trifled with, and Gods help you if you get in their way. “Where Do We Go From Here” is very similar in its mission statement, and Ji-In Kicks ass on the vocal.

For a change of pace there’s “I Carry On”.Yesterday I was driving to the place where I get my tires done and I had to stop at the bank to get cash. I came back from the ATM to find Mini-Amps smiling from ear to ear listening to this song. It’s beautiful, and that’s all we need to say about it. “Where Do We Go From Here” is 100% pure Rock and Fucking Roll from start to finish and a great driving song. Closer “Find Another Way” is anthemic and empowering with a helluva guitar line, and a majestic chorus to lift the spirits of everyone listening.

So let’s review…I love this record AND THEN SHE CAME made. Every single song is great, and Ji-In Cho’s amazing vocals make these songs come to life. If you’re looking for a flaw, you won’t find one. This is an incredible debut by an incredible band. Get ready, world…AND THEN SHE CAME is here to stay, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Get with the program, or go the fuck home. Choice is yours. Either way, we’ll still be here loving this album, one that will no doubt be high on my list for 2016!


RATING: 10/10

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