Denouncement Pyre – Black Sun Unbound


Black Metal band DENOUNCEMENT PYRE return with album number three, Black Sun Unbound, out now on Hells Headbangers. Building on, and expanding from the first two records, this one shows the band fully embracing evil and the occult, ready to kill everything in their sights. The songs are 100% Black Metal through and through and the group is fully capable of unleashing Hell at a moment’s notice. Also, the production is crystal clear, nothing is muddied. I can hear every single facet of the music, from the thumping bass and drums, to the meaty guitars, to the evil-throated vocals.

This is never more evident than on “World Encircler.” This tune is a black cauldron full of evil incarnate that tastes sooooo good! “Scars Adorn the Whore In Red” is a blast beat-filled song with razor sharp jaws looking to tear off some flesh and swallow it down. The title track is very slow at first with some of the cleanest guitars found on the record, but fear not, the vocals swoop in all venomous and ready to kill. “Revere the Pyre” is definitely one of the album’s best, as it has a pounding rhythm that hits you in the chest along with the great story of the lyrics. “Witness” is a throwback type of song, as it embodies the sound of Black Metal from years past.

If it’s an animalistic pounding you’re looking for, then “Deathless Dreaming” is right up your alley, all aggression and no signs of stopping. And then, the mid-tempo grind of “Wounds of Golgotha” coupled with the massive guitar riffs will make many of you/us happy, which is a good thing. Closing the disc is “Sophrosune”, a song that is the sonic equivalent of a tank rolling over the land, blasting everything, and crushing skulls. I’m not gonna say much more because with Black Metal what you see is what you get. And DENOUNCEMENT PYRE deliver what you want in spades. Black Sun Unbound is out now, and I suggest you go get it.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “World Encircler”, “Revere the Pyre”, “Deathless Dreaming”, “Wounds of Golgotha”, “Witness”

RATING: 9/10

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