Brand New Slays The Heat At Verizon Theatre!! – Grand Prairie, TX 7/22/16


On Friday July 22, BRAND NEW once again proved that they are still demigods in the music scene. Playing The Field at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie is an accomplishment in and of itself. But having one to two thousand people come out when the temperature is in the triple digits? That’s even more impressive.


MODEST MOUSE did a fantastic job of “opening” the show. Their energy and great live sound helped to set the stage for BRAND NEW’S performance. After MODEST MOUSE finished killing their set, BRAND NEW came on. The anticipation that the crowd was feeling was almost as physical a sensation as the heat that was making sweat drip down their backs.


This wasn’t just an older, respected band playing a set. This was a band that had a great emotional impact on most of the audience members when they were in their development years.  So the expectation was very high for their live show. The outcome? Outstanding.


Typically, I found BRAND NEW to be a bit boring when I’ve seen them before. Not really moving around on the stage, looking more like they’re practicing their set instead of actually playing it. This time though? The energy was brought, and their vocalist Jessie Lacey seemed to really get into their set.


Maybe it’s because they’re getting closer to the end, wanting to stay 18 forever. Maybe it’s because the crowd was giving off such a large amount of positive feedback. Either way, it was well worth the large lines, huge crowd, and Texas heat.



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