Buckcherry/Nonpoint/Failure Anthem Live At Fat Daddy’s!! – Mansfield, TX 7/16/16

When your editor is looking for someone to cover a band that you’ve listened to and loved since high school, you don’t just say yes. You say “Hell Yes, Thank You and May I have another?!?” July 16, 2016 saw Amps and Green Screens headed out to Fat Daddy’s in Mansfield, Texas, of all places. With band names like BUCKCHERRY, NONPOINT, and FAILURE ANTHEM at such a unique venue, it was going to be an interesting night.

Failure Anthem 6

FAILURE ANTHEM, hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, opened up the show to a timid, and somewhat ambivalent crowd. At first only about 40 people made their way from the tables to stand in front of the stage, but by the time they were three songs into their set, the audience was really into what they had to offer. High energy movement, somewhat restricted by the cramped stage setup, was the biggest plus from this band. I would love to see what they could do on a bigger stage, and with a warmer crowd.

Nonpoint 4

I was excited for NONPOINT from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as was everyone else it seemed. The crush towards the front started as soon as they began the stage prep. They are touring in support of their album, The Poison Red, which was released on July 8. They played a couple tracks from the disc, most notably “Generation Idiot”, but kept the crowd coming back for more by playing older songs as well. Closing out the night, their insanely great cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” brought everyone together. In such a small space, it was spine-tingling. NONPOINT closed out the show with the always badass “Bullet With A Name” to a cheering crowd.

Buckcherry 4

BUCKCHERRY, L.A. superstars, finished off the night in what I can honestly say was the best small club concert by a mainstream rock band I’ve experienced. With the other bands’ gear cleared off the stage, and an absolutely killer set list, I wish I could relive the energy all over again. “Dirty Mind” harkened back to their self-titled album Buckcherry circa 1999, and got the ladies in the crowd a little riled up. The positive crowd participation for the other songs, especially in comparison to the popularity of “Sorry” and “Crazy Bitch”, definitely shows that BUCKCHERRY fans don’t just listen to the songs that get played on the radio.

Buckcherry 1

The band will be touring this fall in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of their 2006 album 15. This show definitely felt like a precursor to good things, and almost like a warm up for both them & their fans. If you have the opportunity to catch them this fall, they are worth every penny. I’ll probably be standing next to you in the pit.

Buckcherry 5


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