Wired Anxiety – The Delirium Of Negation


“Hailing from Navi-Mumbai, WIRED ANXIETY is a Groove Death Metal band with a blend of groovy riffs and bass lines, power packed drumming and deep guttural vocals. Our songs explore various facets of life, spreading a message with a unique feel and ensuring complete annihilation at the same time.”

That’s from the band’s bio on their Facebook page. Here’s what that bio DOESN’T tell you: this fucking band rips from start to finish! There are four songs on their new EP The Delirium of Negation (out now, Transcending Obscurity Distribution) and each one is as powerful, if not more so, than the one before it. The only one exempt from this would be opener “Test Subject: Human” because this one is THE fiercest track on the goddamn disc! So the other three are all just playing for second place. Hell, this might be one of my favorite Death Metal tracks of the year, it’s so addictive.

Next up is “Heavily Sedated” a tune that is anything but. Imagine sitting on your couch watching TV and all of a sudden a deck chair comes crashing through your window and you’ll get the idea. The head-in-a-vice feel of “Severe Comorbidity” doesn’t stop for a second and bodies will certainly get wrecked in circle pits whenever this one is on. Closer “Focus 22” rounds out the EP nicely, with one of the best guitar riffs and a hammering groove throughout.

Truth be told I can’t find a single thing wrong with The Delirium of Negation. The song structures are very well-done, and the pacing and brutality kept me coming back again and again. Now I really wanna see what these boys can do with a full-length record, and I hope that happens sooner rather than later. Strongly recommend this one, metalheads!



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