Local Heroes: No Restraints Rock Fezstock 2016!! – Royersford, PA 8/6/16

IMG_0208On Saturday August 6, several friends and I ventured out to Royersford VFW Post 6341. The occasion was the return of the one and only Fezstock Music Festival, something that had been absent for 23 years. Founder Jim Femino decided to bring it back (much to the delight of revelers everywhere) and have a day of music, dancing, food, and drink just for the sake of everyone having a good time.

Now I don’t claim to know all about the festival’s origins or anything like that. And while I enjoyed the experience I was there for one reason and one only: NO RESTRAINTS. The band hadn’t played together in some 20 years and they reunited just for this occasion. There was no agenda, no nonsense, just five friends playing music they loved.

Lead vocalist Tom Fullam led the charge though a set that lasted roughly an hour and 15 minutes, and the band was rockin’. Playing a potent combo of southern rock with some acoustic jams, the boys had just about everybody up, movin’ and groovin for the duration.

IMG_0207Fullam is a very entertaining and charming frontman. He gives forth the vibe of a guy who just loves jamming with the boys, his jumping around, and prowling the stage all while barefoot and smiling getting raucous cheers and applause from everyone in attendance. I have known him for a while now, and never once saw this side of the man. I was highly impressed with both his voice and stage presence, especially when they closed their set with a blazing cover of LYNYRD SKYNYRD’S “Simple Man” and one of their own tunes, “Higher” which was my favorite of their originals.

All told I had a great time watching NO RESTRAINTS, as did my friends Edwin and Courtland. And I guarantee if they decide to do another gig we’ll all be there ready to rock and roll. And judging by the fans I saw singing along to every word, we surely won’t be alone. Welcome back guys, you were clearly missed!    ~ THE MAESTRO

4 comments to “Local Heroes: No Restraints Rock Fezstock 2016!! – Royersford, PA 8/6/16”
4 comments to “Local Heroes: No Restraints Rock Fezstock 2016!! – Royersford, PA 8/6/16”
  1. I was literally blown away to the point that I drove my nearly 2 hours back to jersey with no radio on and reliving the set inside my head. It was an event I will never forget and hope to be part of again in the near future..

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