The Sonic Unrest Tour: Periphery, SikTh, Chon, and Toothgrinder Live At House Of Blues Dallas!! – 8/7/16

I have been awaiting the Dallas, TX stop of the Sonic Unrest Tour since early April. When a band like PERIPHERY decides to come through your city, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to listen to some seriously good music, and mine came Sunday, August 7 at House of Blues Dallas. I won’t lie, the people-watching at progressive metal shows is a blast. Usually the crowds you get with progressive metal is 50% skinny jeans, 40% pompadour hairstyles and 10% vape clouds choking out the existential conversation, but I love it. I’m okay with the crowd being something old school metalheads might scrape off their shoe…Kids these days, and all that.

Toothgrinder 8.7 (5)

I’d previously seen TOOTHGRINDER when they toured with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE earlier this year. These young guys are hungry. You can tell by the way they take time to talk to their fans, and work their merch booth. I sincerely believe they will be contenders to move beyond opening shows in the next couple of years. Their energy on stage is great, but something I noticed earlier this year, and at this show as well, the middle of their set leaves me wanting more. It almost feels like if they were to tighten up a song or two, or maybe change up the order of those songs, it might make a bigger impact. The crowd was into them, though, and that’s a huge deal for any opening band.

CHON (3)

I had never heard of CHON prior to this tour announcement, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The instrumental band artfully soothed the crowd one minute with what I can only explain as “coffee shop music for metalheads”, and the next dropped a few serious riffs and was obliged with a mosh pit for their efforts. Chill melodies and some sick bass licks were thrown in for good measure. They recently released an album, Glow…It’s probably worth a thorough listen if you’re into instrumental bands.


Any time I see a flyer toting a metal band’s first tour to the US I get excited. SikTh (London, UK) absolutely delivered. They were engaging with the crowd from the moment they hit the stage, waving, cracking jokes, and they seemed like all around great guys. I’m a sucker for dual vocalist bands, and the fact that Sunday night was their fourth show EVER in the United States made it feel really special. There are some bands that make you wish you didn’t just have three songs to photograph, because you KNOW they’re going to bring their ass for the entire time they’re on stage. This was that band for me.

Periphery (6)

Let’s face it. The guys in PERIPHERY are on the attractive side of the Metal musician spectrum. That aside, they are incredible, mind-blowing artists and I will pay money every single time they come to my hometown to join the mass of metal hipster humanity in a toe-tapping and headbanging good time. Their opener “Scarlet” set the bar high, and they had no problem keeping that momentum going song after song. They broke out some of their new material from Periphery III: Select Difficulty to a very receptive and eager crowd.

Periphery (7)

It was really amazing that even though their album has only been out since July 22, well over half the crowd was singing along word for word. Cries for “ONE MORE SONG!” any time the stage lights even dared to remotely dim kept the band members smiling. They love what they do and it really shows. If you have an opportunity to catch the Sonic Unrest Tour in your city, you won’t leave disappointed. I’m hopeful that since this is the second year in a row Periphery has dropped album(s), I’ll be seeing them again next fall. A girl can dream, right?

Periphery (5)


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