Epidemia – Leprocomio


Here we are with another great Death Metal band from a foreign land. This time it is Ecuador’s own EPIDEMIA and their album Leprocomio (out now, Satanath Records). This disc is pretty savage, I have to tell you. There are no intros, or any of those stupid minute-long interludes on this album. This is a record that kicks your teeth in from beginning to end, which is a wonderful thing. The vocals sound like a monster eating bones, and the riffs are heavy as hell. Meanwhile the rhythm section is thick as all get out, and the whole band just kicks you in the head right away.

The title track opens things up and it’s just an all-out melee from beginning to end. Picture twenty guys in a steel cage armed with pipes, baseball bats with nails in them, chains, and whatever else can be used to bash someone’s skull in, okay? Then imagine a horn or whistle sounds and they just go at each other to the death. That’s what you get with this song, and that violent feeling continues with “Retribucion Homocida” and “Miseria Introspectiva”. The slow, deliberate riffage at the start of “Redencion Del Engendro” is merely a prelude to the ass-kicking you’re about to receive.

“Agonistes En El Inframundo” has the chunky-style riffs and headbanging rhythm to chug beers and slam shots to, while “Cadaveres Poseidos” is more bloodthirsty work aiming to split your shit wide open. One of my absolute favorites is next in “Necroticismo”. The pounding this one delivers is akin to one that a heavyweight boxer or UFC fighter rains down upon their opponent’s head en route to a knockout. Closer “Existencia Repulsiva” continues in much the same vein as the other tunes, never letting up on the intensity for a second.

All told Leprocomio is a fucking killer slab of Old School Death Metal and one that warrants repeat listens. There’s not a single bad track to be found. This is a record that sounds like it would be equally at home either in the 90’s in Tampa, FL or in today’s br00tal metal landscape. Make no mistake, EPIDEMIA is the real deal. They give you 35 minutes of all killer, no filler, no bullshit heaviness that will wreck your fucking necks, I guaran-damn-tee it! Pick up your copy today, blast it loud, and go nuts!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Necroticismo”, “Leprocomio”, “Cadaveres Poseidos”, “Retribucion Homocida”

RATING: 9.3/10

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