Slipknot’s Return To Dallas Triumphant/Marilyn Manson Dead On Arrival – Gexa Energy Pavilion 8/25/16

Of Mice and Men-04The touring life must be really complicated to live. There are many factors involved in the logistics for any tour or festival to happen where even the tiniest thing can change everything and ruin everybody’s plans. It’s no news to us that SLIPKNOT’S frontman Corey Taylor had spinal surgery, and that caused them, along with MARILYN MANSON and OF MICE & MEN to re-schedule two weeks of their massive summer tour to later dates. Luckily SLIPKNOT, as professional as they can be, delivered the promised show two months later at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, TX.

The opening band, OF MICE & MEN, from Orange County, CA, was a solid opener for two huge bands that clearly reserved their own spot in metal a couple of decades ago.

Of Mice and Men-01“Public Service Announcement” was the first tune of the night, which spiked some energy in everybody. “Broken Generation” followed their performance, and as it’s a bit different from most of OM&M songs, it was still pretty cool to listen to. The heavier tracks came back and “Glass Hearts” slammed the area with heavy force, “Never Giving Up” calmed everyone down again, and complemented the evening with more variety from this young band.

OF MICE & MEN’S set was mostly from their Restoring Force album, that was actually a very good decision because I could see how much these guys kick ass in front of a large crowd. “Bones Exposed” and “You Make Me Sick” caused complete chaos among the concertgoers, and the lawn was going crazy.

Marilyn Manson-06The last couple of songs featured “Pain”, which is from their upcoming album Cold World (out September 9, Rise Records) and “The Depths”, from the deluxe reissue of The FloodOverall, the band did a great job for everyone to get extremely excited for what was about to happen next. After all the odds, let’s remember that SLIPKNOT was able to reschedule their missed date, the lineup looked pretty good, and there’s always a good time to get away from our ordinary activities to catch some live music, have a good time and enjoy ourselves with some company.

MARILYN MANSON, on the other hand, did not look so good while he dared to show up onstage and “play” whatever he and his bandmates had prepared. When a couple of big bands go out together on a tour, the fans that they bring are usually huge crowds, with expectations, and some of them make sacrifices to go see their favorite artists play. I remember reading about MANSON acting weird on stage a few months back and I just thought “Oh, maybe he’s had a bad time”, and it looks like he’s continuing to have a terrible time!

Marilyn Manson-04Forget about the songs his band played, he didn’t even know what he was doing and I could barely understand what he was saying or singing. The setlist didn’t look pretty bad, with songs like “Disposable Teens”, “No Reflection”, “mOBSCENE”, “The Dope Show” and “Antichrist Superstar”. It looked like at least one of the band members had the potential to show everyone that they really have talent, but no. I don’t remember being so active in one performance before. I mean, I calmly walked around the venue, checked out the merch, drank some water, texted a few friends to see if they were coming to the show, checked out some internet forums, talked to the people around my area and also saw that nobody else was doing anything! MARILYN MANSON wasn’t capable of even letting people know that he was on the stage, and he didn’t seem to care (I didn’t care either, since I was there for SLIPKNOT, like most of the people).

SlipKnot-06After all the suffering, and maybe headbanging for two seconds during “Sweet Dreams” and “Coma White”, I could finally wish that MARILYN MANSON would end the misery and close with “The Beautiful People”… and he did… he sang the song with no instruments for ten seconds, turned the microphone to the crowd, played some drums just like my five-year-old cousin does and walked out of the stage. All that in less than two minutes in total. What a big pile of shit that is. Man, at least he should have the balls to do his job and leave, that’s how services work. I don’t even care at this point what’s going on with him, MARILYN MANSON belongs to the 90’s, and those years are far gone. This piece-of-shit band has nothing to do, no good music to release, no good shows to give, no entertainment to deliver.

It’s all in the past, where bands used to get wasted and lost on drugs far more than they do now. This band is definitely a complete waste of time and money. I’ve seen them perform three times, and my opinion hasn’t changed since the first time. I wish I could show all of you how bad this band is when playing, but I also hope you never find that out for yourself.

SlipKnot-04MARILYN MANSON deserves all the shit thrown in his face for performing drunk or on drugs in his 40’s and not even being capable of singing his best song to the thousands of people in the venue. After the terrible time that everyone had, SLIPKNOT was about to take the stage and make us forget the terrible moments that the diva made us go through.

Anyways, this is the moment of the night, what everyone has been waiting for. I can’t get tired of SLIPKNOT ever! This would be my sixth time watching the band, but it always felt like it was the first.

With songs from all their albums, things were about to go wild in Dallas for the band that had their early days in DEEP ELLUM LIVE!

SlipKnot-07The intro featured the song “Fashion” by the late DAVID BOWIE. After that, BOOM! “The Negative One” landed as a powerful rocket to make the crowd explode. My brain bounced back and forth inside of my head as I was headbanging to this, and it also continued with “Disasterpiece” and “Eyeless”. What a great start from this iconic metal band from Iowa.

Corey Taylor gave the crowd a warm welcome and introduced the song “Skeptic” which already had three circle pits going on in the lawn section, plus the typical one in the front.

SlipKnot-05The crowd was doing terrific, SLIPKNOT came back at last after a long time and they couldn’t leave “Before I Forget” behind. Another couple of songs included to continue the night and give us a different time and feeling included “Killpop” and “Dead Memories”, which I hadn’t heard in a very long time. Everything after this started to get heavier and crazier every second.

“The Heretic Anthem” brought back the crazy times and took us all back to 2001 where no one gave a shit about anything when going to a show. “Psychosocial” served as good headbanging material for everyone, while “Pulse of the Maggots” was our opportunity to catch a breath for a couple of minutes before connecting the best part of the show with “Left Behind” and “The Devil in I”, which is my favorite song from .5: The Gray Chapter. After all this, there was only room for the band to perform their classic songs for the fans that have been following them for almost two decades.

SlipKnot-08“Wait and Bleed” already had everyone going nuts with SLIPKNOT’s music. “(sic)” was brought after that, and I had no choice but to follow my instincts at the moment. So far, it was a fantastic show. Not the best performance I’ve seen from the band, but really insane.

The encore featured three more songs that finished with all the grass in the lawn section: “Surfacing”, which is my absolute favorite from SLIPKNOT; “Duality”, which I’ve learned to appreciate more and “Spit it Out”, the one that almost leaves me with no legs after the “Jump-the-fuck-up” part.

The show featured nothing that I hadn’t seen before, but it was unique in a way that I had already built enough momentum to enjoy every single second from this band and take it with me forever.

To conclude, the show was not bad, but it wasn’t the greatest. It takes ALL the bands to be great for a show to be great. Regardless of what I mentioned before, SLIPKNOT and OF MICE & MEN definitely made a connection with the crowd and had some stellar moments that night. This show could’ve been way better if we consider the presence of drunk posers starting fights, but it still was a good one to remember. Hey, SLIPKNOT delivered, and that’s all that matters.



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