The Malice – Malevolent Creature Of Kings


One of the coolest things about being a guy who reviews music all the live long day is the submissions I constantly get. Some people might think it’s a hassle; I couldn’t disagree more. When someone believes in their work so much that they will do whatever it takes to get it into someone’s hands/ears, that speaks volumes about them to me. Here’s an example: this morning I awoke to a message from a member of THE MALICE, a Death metal band from Sweden, asking me to check out their EP Malevolent Creature of Kings. My dear friend Tito from Italy told them to reach out. Tito and I have a great relationship, and he’s got a pretty good handle on what I like, so anything that he’s remotely tied to is worth a listen in my book.

Regarding the EP, JEEZUS-FUCKING-CHRIST-THIS-BAND-IS-OUT-FOR-BLOOD!! They throw everything AND the kitchen sink at you with opener “Nâmtaru” and don’t let up for a second. Massive waves of blast beats and angry guitars wash over you as soon as you press PLAY, and the vocals sound like a monster ripping flesh from bone and loving it. Title track “Malevolent Creature of Kings” continues in much the same fashion, with some speed thrown in for good measure. These guys are NOT here to fuck around!

“The False Throne of Glory” is another all-out pummeling, the band just beating the shit out of you for three-and-a-half minutes. If any fighter, be it boxing or MMA, is looking for something to get them jacked before hitting the ring/octagon, then this is the track for them. As I write this it’s all I can do to NOT throw a chair through the window!! Closing the EP is “Abusing the Virgin of Kadi”, and it’s got some double bass going that will leave bruises on your chest, like a kick from a mule. The guitars are nasty, the growls dig into you, and the track makes you its bitch.

One thing to note is that the bass on all of these tracks is very high up in the mix and grabs you by the throat alongside the guitars. That’s what I love, and I wish I heard it more in Death and Thrash Metal releases these days. Bottom line is simply this: THE MALICE are a fucking excellent band, Malevolent Creature of Kings is a fucking excellent EP, and if some label doesn’t snatch this group up soon, then there is no justice and I hate everything. Outstanding job by these guys, and you can buy it (don’t just listen, BUY it, like I did!!) HERE.



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